Trump Massively Humiliates Congresswoman Liz Cheney

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is one of the leaders of the January 6 commission. She’s made it crystal clear where she stands on former President Trump: she considers him a traitor and a menace to democracy.

Cheney made that apparent recently while accepting a JFK Courage award, saying Trump and his movement are a threat that’s worse than anything our country faced in the past.

Trump knows she hates him and is a bitter, failing woman.

Cheney is sidling over to the Democrat Party because she’s lost so much support among Republicans. She’s now the heroine of the left because they’re the only ones who will have her.

When it comes to her home state of Wyoming, she’s facing a very strong competitor called Harriet Hageman, who Trump just showed up to endorse.

Trump Slams ‘Failed’ Cheney

At his rally in Casper, Wyoming, Trump slammed “failed” Cheney, saying she’s more of the same establishment who’s let the country down. Recent surveys have put Cheney as much as 30 percent behind Hageman.

There was a massive crowd who showed up to see the POTUS speak at Hageman’s rally. He slammed her as being part of those who put America last and led to our current foreign policy and economic crisis.

Trump also said instead of a “conservative warrior,” Wyoming residents found a “lapdog” for the left when they elected Cheney. The crowd howled with approval.

In case his point was too subtle, Trump told the crowd straight up that Liz Cheney “hates” them.

What Wyoming Deserves

According to Trump, Wyoming needs someone like Hageman who will not be a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and who will stand up to the radical left.

Speaking further, Trump said Cheney has “gone crazy” and is from a long line of “die-hard globalists” who can’t win wars and keep stabbing America in the back.

It’s time to say to Liz “you’re fired,” Trump declared, adding that this depends on electing Hageman when the time comes and showing up to the polls to show Cheney the exit.

He also showed a funny meme of Liz Cheney’s face morphed together with that of anti-racist activist, painter, and former POTUS George W. Bush.

Bush spends his time ranting about Russia invading Ukraine and talking about the danger of “white supremacy” when he’s not painting poodles.

Wyoming doesn’t need more Cheney, Trump said, as the crowd booed loudly.

The Bottom Line

The people of Wyoming are patriots and many of them like Trump as well.

Cheney is in big trouble there. On top of all this, her reelection chances are not looking very likely in the upcoming midterms. Perhaps she can go get a job as a commentator on MSNBC instead.