Trump Shares Sickening Joke About Ron DeSantis

Former President Trump is running for president again in 2024; so far, he already has some competition. 

Nikki Haley of South Carolina, John Bolton, and Pete Buttigieg have all thrown their hats into the ring, with various others like Tim Scott and Ted Cruz likely set to announce. 

Whereas the man Trump is focused on is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who hasn’t even yet announced if he’s running. Trump simply can’t stop attacking DeSantis and commenting on DeSantis in any way possible. 

His latest joke stooped to a new low, falsely accusing DeSantis of grooming minors by sharing a popular meme with the governor’s face on it. 

What Was the Joke?

Trump put out a meme calling DeSantis “Ron DeSantimonious” and said he was “grooming” girls in high school. 

The meme appears to show DeSantis when he taught high school with a few young ladies who are his students. DeSantis taught at Darlington High School in Rome, Georgia in 2001. 

Mocking DeSantis, Trump put an emoji throwing up and expressed mock surprise that DeSantis would be partying or having fun with younger women and using “alcohol” to “groom” them. 

Not only is this a real stretch of the imagination to say that based on the photo, but it’s also highly ironic. That’s given Trump’s documented history of behaving inappropriately to young women and going on Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” plane various times. 

Trump Shares More Jokes

Trump had more jokes up his sleeve that he also posted on his TRUTH Social account. He reposted a user saying DeSantis with “underage” women and “cuddling” them looks very “gross” and inappropriate. 

Trump also went on to boost the claim that DeSantis was against his border wall and never properly supported those hassled over the January 6 protests. 

Trump has been going hard after DeSantis on a regular basis and recently called him a “RINO Globalist” who is only pretending to be conservative. 

Trump, who strongly bragged and supported the COVID vaccines that he pushed through at Pfizer, also attacked DeSantis for supposedly “loving” the vaccines. 

Trump says Florida voters showed they prefer him to DeSantis in the presidential vote in 2016 and 2020 where he got more votes for POTUS than DeSantis got for governor. 

Why Is Trump So Obsessed?

There’s no doubt that Trump sees DeSantis as a threat. His tactic has always been to hit first and hit hard repeatedly. 

What’s also clear, however, is this is actually helping DeSantis. It makes Trump look desperate and childish and it isn’t getting into any real issues. 

This clash of egos between Trump and DeSantis doesn’t really matter to Americans right now. Americans just want the Biden-Harris regime gone and want their rights back. 

Sooner or later, DeSantis is going to hit back, however. Then, the fireworks begin.