Trump Sues New York Times for $100 Million

Former President Trump is suing the corrupt New York Times for $100 million. According to his accusation, three NYT reporters persuaded Trump’s niece, Mary Trump, to get his tax records from the New York Attorney General and pass them along to the NYT.

This illegal action was done with the full knowledge of the reporters and the paper as a whole, according to Trump.

Serious Allegations Against Hack NYT Reporters

The accusations in the Trump lawsuit are quite serious and say the reporters knew they were breaking the law. They reportedly used disposable phones so they couldn’t be easily tracked.

They also reportedly lied about how they got Trump’s tax records, refusing to name the source. At the time in 2018, the NYT put out various nothingburger stories on Trump’s taxes.

However, the point is not what was in the stories, but the illegal actions taken to obtain the stories. It’s worth remembering that Mary Trump is very against her uncle as well.

She even put out a forgettable anti-Trump book claiming he is a failure and a psychopath. The book was where Mary admitted she was the one who illegally obtained Trump’s records and shuttled them along to the liberal hacks at the NYT.

It is still not entirely clear how or why the AG’s office gave those records to Mary Trump.

More Lawsuit Details

The lawsuit also says Trump is a “private citizen” at this point; that means he has the same rights as everyone else. By going after his taxes in this way, the reporters violated his rights and caused “significant” harm to his reputation and interests.

Part of what the NYT reported was just that Trump got over $400 million from his dad, Fred Trump, which wasn’t exactly a major revelation.

Although, it was an invasion of his privacy. Also, it sounds like these tax records were obtained in a shady way without Trump’s permission.

NYT Responds

According to the corrupt and failing NYT, this lawsuit is a desperate attempt to “silence” them. They haven’t specifically denied the charges.

Meanwhile, the whole point of the lawsuit is something they deny and say they will be “vigorous” in their fight against.

For her part, Mary Trump is showing no remorse at all. She says Trump is a “f–ing loser” who just wants to do whatever he can to try to generate headlines and get revenge.

There’s only one person here who sounds desperate and like a loser, and that’s Mary Trump. As for these despicable “reporters,” they’re no different than Soviet Union functionaries under Joseph Stalin.

They scurry around and spread misinformation, lies, and devious rumors in order to guide people into a certain way of thinking and sabotage political enemies.