Trump Warns About ‘Radicals’ Trying to Strangle America at Special Summit

Former President Trump gave a landmark speech recently at the Turning Point Action Summit in Arizona. He warned that “radicals” are trying to seize full power in America and trying to “destroy” everything about our way of life. 

As Trump says, he’s been warning us about this for years. He also sounded the alarm on the election fraud that took place in Arizona.

Communism is Coming to America

Trump told the crowd in Arizona that communism is coming to America if we don’t find a way to stop it. This will include all the awful things we always see in history from communism: censorship, political prisoners, fake elections, and cracking down on anyone who speaks out. 

Let’s go through the list. Censorship? Check. Big Tech and social media constantly shut down conservatives or anyone who questions the official line on COVID, politics, or anything else. 

Political prisoners? Check. We already see Trump supporters arrested for the Jan. 6 “insurrection” that was partly led by informants and undercover agents. They are being held in solitary in many cases and not properly fed, mistreated, and psychologically tortured. Fake elections? Check. It’s called the 2020 election. ‘Nuff said. 

Cracking down on anyone who speaks out? Check. Vaccine passports are coming; vaccinated liberals are already blaming anyone who doesn’t get the vaccine for them getting sick! As usual, Trump is right. 

Trump Warns About Mainstream Media Censorship 

Trump also warned the crowd about the way our liberal corporate media shut down any debate over the election and ignored fraud. They didn’t care about facts: they just wanted Joe Biden in office to move in their globalist, communist agenda. 

We’ve all gotten a taste of what that looks like and it’s worse than any of us even imagined. When you trace back ownership of the liberal mainstream media, you see it’s mainly owned by six large corporations: you can’t trust it.

These guys are working hand-in-hand with the Deep State and trying to bring about a collapse of our nation. Those who choose to work with them or repeat their vile propaganda as if it was true are traitors. Simple. 

Trump Sounds the Alarm on ‘Monster’ Kamala

Trump also warned about the “monster” Kamala Harris and how she plans to grab power from Biden. We’ve all seen this evil and twisted woman moving like a snake to get power. So far, she has failed, but don’t underestimate her. She’s ruthless and has no conscience. 

Being bad at her job hasn’t stopped Kamala before; after all, she got to be vice-president after one of the worst presidential campaigns in US history, so go figure! We’ve got to be careful. This is a dark time in this country and the menacing regime over us does not tolerate freedom.