Trump’s Former Lawyer Says the Donald Likely Headed to Jail

Trump executive Michael Cohen 014 by is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

It’s very clear that President Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen has an axe to grind.

He served time in jail after lying on Trump’s behalf and ended up being one of the first people in Trump’s inner circle to actually be convicted of fairly serious crimes.

Unlike the Russiagate Hoax and the media’s fever dreams of grand spy games, Cohen actually did get implicated in standard level corruption and political wrongdoing, including for paying off several porn actresses who Trump slept with.

Nonetheless, Cohen is more than just a new pro-Democrat talking head. He’s a man who knows Trump better than almost anyone in the world.

He successfully predicted that Trump wouldn’t go quietly in the recent election and who also has had useful insights into the ongoing investigations into the Donald’s taxes and financial dealings.

Donald Trump Sr. at #FITN in Nashua, NH by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Why Does Cohen Believe Trump’s Headed Behind Bars?

According to Cohen, speaking on the biased and conspiracy-mongering news outlet MSNBC, Trump should work on having a “custom-made jumpsuit” done for him, since he’s likely soon going to be headed behind bars, mainly in relation to past business deals and tax fraud.

The Supreme Court recently ruled that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance will be permitted to forcefully get ahold of Trump’s past tax returns and financial documents in order to investigate his business deals and his taxes more thoroughly, due to reasonable belief of possible wrongdoing by Trump.

What’s in Trump’s Financial Documents and Tax Returns?

Cohen said he doesn’t know precisely what’s in the tax returns and documents but that the fact they’re being accessed now “does not look good” for Trump.

Vance has dropped some clues that the investigation is no joke and could be turning up some real findings, although at this point it’s definitely too early to say whether Cohen’s hyperbole has any basis in reality.

There’s no reason to believe Cohen is unbiased here, obviously, but he may have certain insights into the way Trump does business and – as a lawyer – he also knows about the way that laws are applied in New York state and the ways to get around them.

Cohen is currently under house arrest for campaign finance violations and fraud after spending time in Otisville prison starting for over a year.

The Bottom Line

In his recent book Disloyal, Cohen talks about a number of incidences in which Trump did business in unethical and even illegal ways. He hasn’t been sued over the book, but it’s hard to know exactly how accurate each recounting is, considering the bad blood between he and Trump.

Nonetheless, it seems quite possible that Trump has some dirt in his business deals or even completed his tax returns in a dishonest or illegal way.

What you might be more surprised to hear is that this is far from unique to Trump and that many Americans are sick of burdensome taxes punishing them for being successful and trying to control and regulate every corner of their economic and commercial life.

At the end of the day it’s obviously crystal clear that the focus on Trump is political in nature and is being motivated by the fact that he served as President and became Bad Guy Number One for progressive Democrats. If he spouted all the right lines and wasn’t supported by millions of patriotic conservatives you can be that his taxes and business deals would get a quick once-over and a stamp of approval.

Let’s not lie to ourselves about the double standard that’s on display here. If Cohen wants to hype it up that’s his choice, but he’s also smart enough to know that this is just a continuation of the partisan witch hunt that American already endured over the past four years.