Truth Revealed About Sick Puppy Torture Experiments Funded by Dr. Fauci

All of America knows Dr. Tony Fauci is a sociopath. He’s been testing out a giant medical experiment on the American people for two years now. He’s been crushing businesses and ruining lives, while pretending he’s saving people from COVID.

Meanwhile, blue state COVID rates are higher than ever and Fauci says we still might not even be able to meet for Christmas. What’s not been known up until now is just how twisted it gets inside the mind of Dr. Fauci and his minions.

We’re talking about literally torturing puppies. This next report is really sick stuff, so reader discretion is strongly advised.

Torturing Puppies for…Science?

It’s now been exposed by the Washington Free Beacon newspaper the National Institutes of Health (NIH) (under Fauci) tortured beagle puppies as part of science experiments.

Specifically, it turns out the NIH gave huge amounts of money through the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases to give beagles a rare parasite and test a treatment on them.

They then trapped the heads of beagles in an enclosed space, while malnourished insects were then set loose to devour them in order to test their reaction to pain.

In addition, some beagles were stranded for days in the desert in order to see how quickly sand flies would come and attack them and how long they would last. In both experiments, beagles had their vocal cords cut out so they wouldn’t bark.

Torturing Puppies and Vaccinating Kids

This is some sick, sick stuff. Yet, progressive animal-lovers still support Fauci? These NIAID and NIH funded studies were done in the northern African country of Tunisia and it led to the horrific death of over 44 beagle puppies.

We’re talking about $375,800 in grant money from Fauci’s sick department here, so this is very serious involvement by the NIH. As Fauci sounds off about how all our young kids need to get vaccinated, these reports could not come at a worse time for him.

There is now bipartisan outrage in Congress over what’s happening, as well there should be. In addition to Congresswoman Nancy Mace’s angry demand Fauci be investigated for this funding, numerous members of Congress from both parties have signed on.

These members include Democrats Cindy Axne of Iowa, Steve Cohen of Tennessee and Jimmy Gomez of California. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. It’s an America vs. Tony Fauci issue.

It Keeps Getting Worse for Fauci

As if this wasn’t bad enough, it turns out Rand Paul was right. Fauci and the NIH did fund dangerous gain of function studies at the Wuhan virology center via the EcoHealth Alliance. This man is dangerous and should be behind bars for a very long time.