Tucker Carlson Exposes the Truth About Joe Biden, Illegal Immigrant Invasion

Tucker Carlson has been one of the most hated men on the right for years now. Liberals can’t stand the guy because he boldly tells the truth about the leftist agenda and how evil it is.

His latest segment exposed the truth about the current crisis at our southern border, especially the awful scenes we saw at Del Rio and El Indio on the Rio Grande. Tucker explained none of this is random and the enemy within the gates has opened them up for the foreign invaders.

Abandoning the Southern Border

Despite the brave work of Texas troopers, there are still significant areas of our southern border that aren’t protected. As Tucker noted, these “unmanned” areas are allowing trucks of drugs and people to rush on through and we don’t even know what exactly they’re bringing into this country.

As Tucker also pointed out, the thousands of Haitians who are desperately trying to get across are not properly referred to as refugees. Of course, the liberal media wants to increase sympathy and our emotional response, but these Haitians are migrants.

If they were refugees, then they would have asked for asylum in the US or another nation. What they want is handouts and a place to live in the best country in the world; they believe Joe Biden will give that to them.

Who do you think they’ll vote for if and when they’re established inside the United States?

Tucker Points Out the Problem

As Tucker pointed out, these illegal Haitians are basically armies of future voters. They are part of a plan to give Democrats “permanent power” by keeping ranks of poor and desperate people on their dependency payroll.

The playbook is always the same with the left: pretend to care about minorities and then hook them on handouts so they keep voting for you. It’s sick and twisted, but it works. This is why conservatives need to fully call out this cynical border crisis and how it’s all on purpose.

America already has enough manual laborers and low-skilled workers who can’t find employment. We already have thousands of veterans who need a job and need help. The absolute last thing we need is more entitled and aggressive people from the developing world who ride a free ticket to this country.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that President Trump actually took steps to secure our border and keep this country safe. The Biden regime, by contrast, worked immediately to undermine everything Trump did and to turn our border back into a total fiasco.

Their goal is to swamp this country with an army of future Democrat voters who are entitled and dependent. It’s all the more important that our border be secured at all costs.