Tucker Carlson Issues Emergency Warning to All Patriots

Whether or not you agree with all of Tucker Carlson’s opinions, you have to admit one thing: he puts America first.

Tucker doesn’t spend his time talking about alliances or global deals; he talks about American problems and American solutions.

Now, due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Tucker is issuing a red alert warning for all patriots. This isn’t about who you support over there; this is about what’s going to happen very soon right here at home.

Beware and prepare. Nobody can say they were not warned.

The Ongoing War Against America’s Middle Class

Tucker said America’s recent ban of any import of Russian oil isn’t going to hurt Vladimir Putin; it’s going to hurt the American middle class.

Despite Washington insiders clapping their hands off to praise Joe Biden, and Democrats and Republicans both bragging about stopping Russia, this was all deception.

Tucker says people need to think harder. This won’t hurt Putin, who can still sell oil to China, Turkey, India, and many more places. It also won’t get him to pull out of Ukraine or stop this invasion.

The truth, according to Tucker, is these sanctions on Russian oil will hit middle-income Americans who’ve already got hurt for the last two years under the ineffective and unneeded COVID regulations.

With gas prices at their highest in history and rising, Tucker’s warning is timely.

As he says, anything that gets moved from one place to another, including food, is going to skyrocket in price. Lying to say it will stop Putin does not make it any better.

Biden’s Lies

Tucker also called out Biden’s lie that he and his regime are not “holding back” US energy production domestically.

They most certainly are, starting with the cancellation of Keystone XL and extending to the ban on drilling on federal land.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said this is all part of the “shift” toward “clean energy” and people shouldn’t worry too much.

Tell that to a commuter who can no longer afford to get to their job and a family who can no longer drive their vehicle or heat their home, Jen!

Psaki claimed there are over 9,000 permits right now that oil companies in America aren’t using. Those permits are for drilling sites that don’t have oil or any reasonable expectation of having oil. Oil companies aren’t charities. They want permits for land with oil.

So basically, the Biden regime is handing out dummy permits and then blaming oil companies for not using them.

They’re gaslighting the American consumer and setting us up for an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look tame.

The Bottom Line

The Biden regime is out of control with lies, bluffing, and incompetence.

Protect your family. Stock up on food, water, emergency supplies, and gas. This is not going to get better anytime soon.