Tucker Carlson Unveils His Top Choice for Senate

Tucker Carlson has been a primary target of the left for a number of years now. He’s conservative, he’s smart, and he doesn’t back down; that makes him a threat to the liberal agenda.

Though Carlson has also been hesitant about fully becoming a partisan figure. Part of why he’s so popular is he’s more of a populist conservative than an establishment conservative.

What this means is he talks a lot about issues like immigration, workers, middle-class families, ordinary Americans, and the policies that affect them.

According to Carlson, there’s one candidate in the upcoming elections who he feels would make the biggest difference for the future of the country.

Tucker’s Top Choice

The person who Carlson thinks has the greatest promise for our country is Blake Masters from Arizona. Masters is running for the Senate on an America First platform.

He has some stiff competition, including current Arizona AG Mark Brnovich.

Masters is heavily funded by tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who’s become more involved in politics in the past years. In fact, Thiel has given Masters over $13 million for his campaign.

Attending law school at Stanford, Masters helped write down some of the notes that became the basis of Thiel’s later bestselling book. Masters went on to become a top employee in Thiel Capital, running investments for the libertarian tech whizz.

He is more of a social conservative who is deeply concerned about the direction the country is heading in terms of the collapse of family and American values.

He also has controversially urged people to read Ted Kaczynski (the Unabomber) about the danger that technology poses for the future of human society.

Because of his heterodox approach, Masters is often associated with the “Dark MAGA” label that has been embraced by parts of the Trump movement.

Masters’ Platform

Masters would be challenging Mark Kelly, a Democrat, if he ends up being the candidate from Arizona. The Arizona primary is on August 2.

Masters’ platform seeks to reduce illegal immigration to zero, cut off H1-B visas allowing foreigners into the country, and secure elections.

The Arizona Republican also aims to increase economic opportunities for working families so both parents don’t have to work to provide for a family and more.

Masters is clearly in it to win it, but it remains to be seen if the large amount of money he has is enough to lead to real electoral victory in the primary and then against Kelly.

The Bottom Line

When big money and America First come together, it can be a powerful combination.

Does Masters have the master key to fix America as Carlson says, or is he just another flash in the pan who talks a big game?