Tucker Carlson Warns Furious Feds are Coming for Conservatives

It’s no secret the federal government has it in for conservatives. They allowed the January 6 Capitol riots to occur so they could have a justification to crack down on Trump supporters and Republicans.

Libertarians, independents, gun rights activists, and anybody who loves liberty is also in their crosshairs. Now, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is warning about just how bad it’s going to get.

In his nightly segment, Tucker sounded off about the coming crackdown on our rights and how much worse it’s going to get.

Leftists Say ‘Your Children Belong to Us’

As Tucker noted, a good example is former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who recently said parents have no say in what their schools teach kids. McAuliffe said he’s “tired” of parents wanting input on what teachers do.

Are you kidding me? Parents are the ones who bring kids into this world, care for, and raise them. They don’t get to say anything about what they’re taught every day at government-run educational facilities?

It’s no wonder homeschooling and private Christian education are growing so massively in this country!

Like Tucker said, Biden has now agreed with the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that parents who speak out against critical race theory, woke gender ideology, or COVID mandates are “domestic terrorists” and need to be investigated.

Your ultimate price for speaking out and exercising your rights as a parent is a gun in the face. Does this sound like America to you?

‘Armed’ Government Thugs Will Silence You

As Tucker said, if you don’t comply and be a good little parent, then the FBI will come after you. Attorney General Merrick Garland, who is a “radical” leftist, asked the FBI to be stricter on parents who interrupt school board meetings or speak angrily at them.

We all must protect the liberals’ precious feelings at school board meetings and let the indoctrination of our kids continue or we’ll end up pinned to the ground and behind bars. That’s apparently where we’re now at in America in 2021.

According to Garland, we need more “strategies” for cracking down on parents who get mad at woke school boards. He will have various more “measures” coming out soon for these angry parents and wants the FBI to also turn its attention that way.

What sort of crimes will be prosecuted? We know that it could include any threats, angry emails to school board members, or parents who swear and get belligerent during meetings. Free speech? I don’t see that listed anywhere.

The Left’s Lunatic Double Standard

As Tucker noted, the recent harassment of Senator Kyrsten Sinema in a bathroom and onboard her flight shows just how insane the left has become. They faced “no consequences,” as Tucker said.

Yet, we’re hearing how parents who care about their kids will be chased down by armed agents? Now we’re supposed to let woke leftists do whatever they want with our kids and take them to Drag Queen Story Hour?

It’s never going to happen.