Twitter Censors Discussion of COVID Vaccine Dangers

Twitter is part of the Big Tech mafia. 

It’s against conservatives and America and it’s against free speech.

Anyone even slightly right of center already knows that; they’ve switched to places like Gab, but here’s the thing: Twitter is still an important platform for interacting with important politicians and sharing your views.

The latest move by Twitter is straight out of the fascist playbook: 

Censoring speech that doesn’t align with the central government and medical authority’s views. 

The latest example comes about the COVID vaccine. 

12-Year-Old Girl Disabled by COVID Shot

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin actually cares about his job. 

That means that the people he represents and the issues affecting Americans aren’t just abstract to him: they’re real and they matter. 

One of the people who Johnson has heard from was very badly injured and disabled by participating in Pfizer’s clinical trials at the end of last year. 

The person in question is a young girl by the name of Maddie de Garay; her parents signed her up to test the Pfizer vaccine for younger teens in December of last year and January of this year. 

After her second shot, Maddie’s mom Stephanie says that she began going downhill fast and having numerous serious side effects, which eventually resulted in her being disabled, unable to eat, and forced to use a wheelchair. 

The video has been viewed over 800,000 times, but Twitter has now censored it so that no comments or discussions can take place under it. 

Maddie’s Mom Speaks Truth to Power

Despite being a big believer in vaccines and “science,” Maddie’s mom says she was shocked by the horrible symptoms Maddie began experiencing after her second shot.

This included electric shock feelings all over her body, feeling like her heart was being ripped out of her chest, losing circulation to her limbs and eventually being unable to eat, go to the bathroom properly or remember things. 

Twitter says that discussion has been banned because the “tweet is misleading.”

Instead, the heartless San Francisco-based tech giant urges people to click on information from “health officials” about why the COVID vaccine is safe. 

Was it safe for Maddie?

These ghouls are sick people. They don’t care about human beings. It’s now up to Republicans and the party of liberty to give a platform to free speech and reality. 

At this time, that includes letting people harmed by the COVID vaccines speak about what’s been happening. 

Fortunately, Twitter has not yet banned the video itself, but viewer discretion is advised as it is highly disturbing. 

Dismantling the Democrat Empire of Lies

The Democrat Party has become everything they claim to hate. They are the party of slavery so it should be no surprise they are owned by large multinational corporations, worshipping the military industrial complex, hating free speech and being against America. 

Twitter is just an arm of the Democrat Party.