Twitter Employees MELT DOWN As Elon Musk Buys Twitter

Elon Musk now owns Twitter, and its far-left employees are absolutely melting down.

As the richest man in the world worth over $264 billion, Musk’s offer to buy Twitter was initially turned down. Though he persisted, got additional financing and the deal went through on Monday.

Even though he himself is a left-leaning individual with very moderate views, Musk has drawn the anger of the left for being a staunch free speech advocate and being against woke culture.

Twitter Melts Down

Not everybody at Twitter is upset about Musk buying them out.

The former head of Twitter and soon retiring board member, Jack Dorsey, said he fully supports Musk’s buyout, while a group of employees at a recent conference in Houston cheered when Musk’s photo was played on big projectors near the stage.

However, for a core group of Twitter employees in San Francisco headquarters, this buyout is a disaster.

They are particularly concerned that Musk wants to get rid of a lot of the speech controls on Twitter that have been used to go after conservatives and do things like kick President Trump off the platform.

Other reports, including one from journalist Talmon Smith, say the atmosphere at Twitter now is “insane.” Some employees say they’re physically sick and traumatized about Musk’s takeover.

It turns out a lot of these pro-censorship, pink-haired college Marxists can dish it out, but they sure can’t take it when somebody hits back.

Twitter Locks Its Code

Another thing that’s happened is Twitter locked its code so rogue employees can’t go in and mess with it, ahead of Musk’s rules taking over fully.

The thing about this is we are also seeing the liberal media melting down and claiming Musk is somehow against democracy or will allow the platform to become a hub of hate speech.

If a Twitter employee did sabotage the site, there’s a good chance the folks at CNN and MSNBC would be cheering it on. For one reason or another, Musk seems to be a public enemy of the establishment and the mainstream and far left.

Memes have been coming out showing the outrage on the left about his purchase of the platform as well; the rest of the internet has been having a very good laugh about the false moral outrage of many progressives.

The Bottom Line

This is the start of a whole new era for Twitter and a new period of free speech in America.

It remains to be seen exactly what changes Musk will make. However, since his deal to buy the company has now gone through, we can be sure that he’s not going to be anybody’s lackey and he’ll have much more respect for conservatives.