Twitter Suspends Leading Conservative For Ridiculous Reason

As the drama continues between Elon Musk and Twitter, the platform is persisting with its anti-conservative crusade.

This time, it’s come after leading conservative pundit and writer James Lindsay, permanently suspending his account for supposedly being “hateful.”

If everyone who was hateful on their platform was banned, there’d be very few people left.

Whereas looking closer at Lindsay’s supposed offense, it’s clear he didn’t even match that bar for wrongdoing. All he did was make a simple and correct observation.

What Did Lindsay Do?

Lindsay made a simple observation: Vice President Kamala Harris is “incompetent.” Who would actually disagree with that? Even Joe Biden would have to agree.

Harris has bumbled her way through the VP job, going on bizarre, stoned-sounding rants, embarrassing America on the international stage with random bouts of laughter and complete cluelessness.

However, a Professor of Law at Harvard named Alejandra Caraballo decided to pile on Lindsay, saying he’s a “misogynoir,” which means a man who specifically hates black women.

Who knew that Kamala Harris represents all black women? That seems very insulting to black women on the part of Professor Caraballo.

In any case, Lindsay wasn’t impressed by Caraballo’s comment. He called her an expert in “child sexualization,” criticizing far leftists, such as her, who want children to question their gender and learn about sexual topics.

Caraballo’s own profile photo shows her wearing a shirt about supporting “trans kids.” She is a strong supporter of the idea that children can change genders.

Caraballo’s Crusade

When Lindsay fought back against her, Caraballo went on a crusade to get him banned, urging her followers to mass report him and censor him.

Lindsay was informed he has indeed been permanently suspended as a result of the professor’s actions.

Caraballo is strongly in favor of letting kids change their genders; she didn’t like being called out on that in an unkind way by Lindsay.

Remember all of this only happened because he made a fair comment about VP Harris being incompetent and was then falsely smeared as a sexist racist.

He’s appealing the decision, but in the meantime, he says he is “grateful” that more attention is coming his way as a result of Twitter’s censorship. Lindsay says the ban will ultimately be no more than an “inconvenience” for him.

The Bottom Line

Lindsay is appealing this decision, but the chances his account comes back are not very high.

People like Caraballo rule the roost on Twitter, enjoying the full backing of the San Francisco-based tech platform.

Elon Musk’s potential purchase had some hope, but now that he seems to be backing out, we could be looking at years more of this kind of censorship on the Twitter platform.