Twitter’s Former CEO Jack Dorsey Comes Out With Shocking Accusations

Twitter’s former CEO Jack Dorsey is a strange fellow. He held power at Twitter for many years as the platform worked to censor conservatives and strangle free speech.

He even presided over letting Twitter shut down news that exposed the dirty dealings of Hunter Biden and the crimes of the Democrat Party, ahead of the 2020 election.

The result is Joe Biden in office, and we all know how well that’s going.

Though now Dorsey is speaking out about some very shocking things. It turns out he’s not very happy about the way things are working out at Twitter and in the American liberal media.

Is this committed leftist having a change of heart?

Dorsey’s Dark Mood

One person who’s not banned yet from Twitter for speaking his mind is its former chief Jack Dorsey. Despite stepping down from the platform, and having more time to meditate and be a weird fellow, this guy is still able to tweet to his heart’s content.

That’s why he shocked a lot of people by getting online recently and attacking CNN.

Isn’t CNN supposed to be the standard-bearer of truth and justice? Well, not anymore, even for the left.

Dorsey went after CNN potato head Brian Stelter, who runs a program about media bias, while ironically being one of the most biased journalists in the United States.

Stelter was tweeting about how evil Tucker Carlson and conservatives are as usual, saying they are fearmongers and conspiracy whackos. Dorsey responded sarcastically, asking Stelter if he was “selling hope?”

His comment is right on the mark. CNN peddles daily insane conspiracies about conservatives, guns, January 6, and anything else they can dig up. They spread hate and racial division by the minute.

Now, they want us to think the only issue is Tucker Carlson? Dorsey’s not having it.

Dorsey’s Accusations Get Deeper

Dorsey didn’t just stop at randomly calling out Stelter. He also got specific, saying while covering the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri after the killing of Michael Brown, he saw CNN commit outright journalistic fraud.

When the crowd wasn’t angry enough, CNN reporters went in and literally tried to start arguments and fights so they could get it on camera and make racial, political divisions even deeper than they were.

Dorsey said he watched as the crowd turned on CNN as a whole, once they realized these slimy propaganda creatures were actually trying to get people killed and increase racism just for ratings.

This is far from a small issue. Dorsey blames it on news agencies being too hungry for ad dollars and doing anything for people to watch and click them.

The Bottom Line

Dorsey’s still a leftist who hates Trump and the right. Yet, even he can see fake news like CNN has gone way too far in its self-righteous, anti-American crusade.