Ukraine Leader Zelensky Makes a Big Announcement

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky made headlines during Russia’s war for staying to lead his nation, instead of running away.

Zelensky has been consistent in his call for NATO to do more to help Ukraine and his words have been very direct. He hasn’t shied away from laying some blame.

Yet, unfortunately for the Biden regime and the security of the world, Zelensky’s latest words are going to hurt.

Zelensky Slams Biden’s Incompetence

Speaking to around 300 members of Congress this weekend, Zelensky told them the brutal truth. He told them the US administration should have hit Russia with its hard sanctions “a month ago,” instead of now.

Doing so would have prevented the war, according to Zelensky, who detailed his efforts to resist Russian occupation in a one-hour call with American lawmakers.

Zelensky said the invading Russians are “devils” and Ukraine will do everything it can to stop them. Many members of Congress spoke up to thank Zelensky for his bravery and to say glory to Ukraine (slava ukraini) during the call.

They made it clear they support Ukraine, but Zelensky said more should have been done by Biden long ago.

Zelensky has asked for American assistance many times and received weapons shipments from the US government, as well as other Western allies, but he hasn’t been successful in pressuring NATO into imposing a no-fly zone.

A no-fly zone would allow refugees to get away more easily and would give Ukraine a giant advantage in blocking the Russian assaults on the ground.

Doing so would also lead to direct combat between Russia and NATO, which could easily lead to World War III, which is why NATO has not taken this step.

What Else Did Zelensky Say?

Zelensky said he would also like to see US lawmakers move to block American purchases of Russian oil. This came after a question from Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia, who was asking what else Americans can do.

In addition to that and the no-fly zone request, Zelensky asked for American politicians to put more pressure on Eastern European nations to send them fighter jets that his Ukrainian pilots can fly sorties in and defend the skies with.

Zelensky understands NATO is reluctant to do a no-fly zone and get into combat with Russia, so he’s saying they can at least “provide planes.”

There is no doubt that Russian leader Vladimir Putin would not react well to such a development.

The Bottom Line

Senator Chuck Schumer said he’d do the best he can to “help” get the fighter jets on their way to Ukraine, but there’s no doubt Zelensky’s words hurt the left.

He made it clear that Biden moved too little, too late, and his country is now being attacked partly for that reason.