United States Merchant Marine Academy Official Receives Criticism For Racially Unhinged Tweets

United States Merchant Marine Academy official Anton Tripolskii recently received criticism for several racially divisive posts he published on Twitter. 

One tweet that sparked considerable outrage consisted of him attributing misogyny and racism to “the same white, male root.” Tripolskii works as the school’s response director for sexual assault where he receives $142,595 in annual compensation according to Fox News

Back in June 2020, Tripolskii published a post on Twitter that the US House’s Anti-Woke Woke Caucus targeted in a letter, denouncing his controversial tweet. 

The Anti-Woke Caucus is currently urging the academy’s superintendent to provide answers regarding Tripolskii’s social media activity. In September 2022, Tripolskii assumed his current position. 

The letter was signed by Jim Banks (R-IN), Mary Miller (R-IL), Jeff Duncan (R-SC), and Brian Babin (R-TX). 

The House members alluded to several tweets from before Tripolskii’s time working at the academy. In addition, they wanted to know if Tripolskii’s “direct remarks about ethnicity and gender in the United States are reflective of the academy and its sentiments.”

In addition, the caucus members called attention to how Tripolskii retweeted a user in October 2020 who declared that white males who have histories of sexual violence and domestic assault are more predisposed to terrorism. 

The letter also mentioned in an email Tripolskii sent to all midshipmen in April concerning the academy’s “inaugural field day” for its Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Office, he detailed the event’s aim was to “support LGBTQ+ community members.”

Under the condition of anonymity, several midshipmen who are currently attending the academy told Fox News Digital that “woke” ideology spread into the school and accelerated under Department of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

The service academy is under the DOT’s purview. 

In 2022, the House subcommittee overseeing the DOT instructed the academy on page 99 of its appropriations bill to “implement SASH [sexual assault and sexual harassment] prevention measures and otherwise employ similar action.

Banks helped set up the House Anti-Woke Caucus earlier in 2023, which has pushed members from 12 appropriations committees to take out such language from their bills.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.