US Army Members Will Be Forced to Get COVID Shot

The US Army will begin requiring COVID-19 vaccines to be given to all members by the beginning of September.

The announcement comes from a report by the Army Times and the vaccine mandate will take effect by September 1.

The move is controversial; this is particularly an issue since the Army has noted high rates of myocarditis (dangerous heart inflammation) and other health problems in those receiving the vaccine. 

High Myocarditis Rates in US Military

A study released last week showed higher rates of myocarditis in US military members who got the COVID-19 shot. Many members said they had pain in their chest after getting the shot and ended up turning out to have heart inflammation. 

Pfizer, BionTech, and Moderna all now have a warning about the risk of young men getting myocarditis. 

The CDC says the rate is still extremely low around 12.6 per one million patients vaccinated; however, investigations in various other countries will be ongoing. 

Considering that only one or two percent of severe reactions are registered, however, the actual number of myocarditis cases is likely much higher in the military and in the general population; this includes those who may have mild myocarditis without realizing it but still endangering them. 

The main signs of myocarditis are difficulty breathing and pain and pressure in the chest. Many patients describe it as a feeling of strong pressure on the chest. 

Generally, myocarditis fades away naturally; however, in some cases, it worsens and has to be treated with drugs. 

Will the Vaccines Be FDA-Approved by September?

The COVID vaccines are still undergoing full FDA approval and licensing;  it’s not entirely clear whether they will be complete by September. 

At this time, approximately two-thirds of the US Army is already vaccinated, but the remaining third is not as interested in being vaccinated. 

This follows a similar trend among the general population where demand is also beginning to taper. 

The highest vaccination rate in the military is in the Navy, but a mandatory vaccine measure is also expected to take effect there soon as well also. 

It is worth asking why mandatory vaccines are required when so many of the service branches are already vaccinated, but then again if the vaccines are safe, it sounds logical. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line here is that the military has always required various mandatory vaccinations for many conditions and diseases, so this is nothing new. The only real concern here is those who believe the vaccines may not be fully safe. 

In addition, there will be the case of those who have religious or medical reasons to not be able to take the vaccine; we must hope their rights are upheld. 

What is your reaction to the military moving to put in a mandatory COVID vaccine?