Very Bad News for CNN

We’ve reported on CNN and their falling ratings for a long time now; however, the network just got news that no news organization wants to hear.

As the sexual assault accusations, child molestation charges, and anger stack up against CNN, it just got its scorecard for the start of this year.

To say the news is bad would be an understatement. This is the kind of news that shuts down a company, and that’s no exaggeration.

Unless something changes fast, CNN is going to be thrown into the trash bin of history.

How Bad Are the Ratings?

Since 2022 started, CNN has seen its amount of viewers decline by 90%. The news comes as a huge shock, showing that only half a million viewers tuned into the network during the first week of this year.

Last year, that number was around three million viewers in the first week of 2021. That’s a massive, massive drop.

The thing that makes this even worse for CNN is the 90% drop isn’t just any old random folks. 86% of the declining audience is in the age category between 25-to-54-years-old.

This is the most valuable niche for advertisers. To put it simply, if your network can’t get people in this age range engaging with and watching your programs, advertisers stop being interested in working with you.

This has been a long time coming, but it turns out lying and spreading hate-filled political propaganda does have its price…and that price appears to be massive failure.

The CNN Collapse

CNN joined WarnerMedia in 2021. It was supposed to be circling the wagons for a comeback and getting back into profitability. Then, CNN got rocked by numerous specific scandals.

For one thing, high profile host Don Lemon is facing sexual assault charges for allegedly shoving his hands into his pants and then into another man’s face at a Long Island bar.

For another thing, Chris Cuomo was recently booted from the network after covering for and unethically helping his brother Andrew Cuomo fight off sexual assault accusations.

As if that wasn’t enough, the network has built up a reputation as a den of perverts. First, there was Jeffrey Toobin, who jerked off on a Zoom call with colleagues. He was let go but later invited back on as a chief legal analyst.

Then, you had producer John Griffin, charged with sexually luring and molesting a minor girl. Additional charges against another producer called Rick Saleeby, exposed by Project Veritas for sick predatory behavior towards minors.

The Bottom Line

CNN is way down.

It’s scrambling for bare survival. MSNBC is also way down. The truth is winning, and these hate networks are on their way down.

This shows that you should never give up hope. Truth will prevail.