Veterans Beaten, Old Woman Trampled as Trucker Protest Broken Up by Canadian Cops

The trucker freedom convoy in Canada gave the whole world hope. It challenged liberal COVID restrictions and even caused Canada’s tyrannical leader Justin Trudeau to go into hiding.

While insiders at the protests met principled men and women who just wanted their freedom back and their voices heard on vaccine mandates and border closures, Trudeau lied about the truckers.

He said they were racists. He said they were violent. He said they were trying to wreck Canada’s economy. Yes, Trudeau actually said that after two years of literally wrecking Canada’s economy and putting millions of Canadians out of work.

Trudeau then worked relentlessly to shut them down, eventually declaring martial law on February 14.

The consequences of Trudeau’s dictatorial action are now playing out. Militarized police with M4 rifles cleared out truckers from the downtown of Canada’s capital Ottawa and from various other locations.

Confrontation Gets Chaotic

As police rode in with martial law authority from the government, they swung batons and had no patience for those who tried to stand up to them or resisted arrest. Viral video footage shows officers savagely beating a man while he’s down with their rifle.

Another shows police forcing a Canadian veteran who fought in Afghanistan onto his knees and arresting him facedown in the icy street.

The most disturbing moment of the police clearing downtown Ottawa, however, came when mounted officers trampled an old woman on her walker. Protesters shouted for them to stop, but they kept right on going.

The old lady, a member of Canada’s First Nations (Native Canadian) community, was savagely trampled along with several other people.

This is Justin Trudeau’s Canada; it’s a model for Joe Biden’s America and Emmanuel Macron’s France and many other globalist leaders. So beware.

Liberal Tolerance at Work

Fortunately, the older woman in the walker and other individuals who were trampled by horses will be OK and are not fatally injured. This is indeed fortunate, since being trampled by a two ton animal can kill you very quickly if their hooves hit you in the wrong place.

Truckers clogged up Ottawa, the bridge between Detroit and Windsor and the border between Alberta and Montana, but they weren’t violent.

Justin Trudeau was the one who was violent. He accused those who disagreed with him of being Nazis like the petulant man child that he is; then, he unleashed the full power of the state on peaceful families and protesters.

Children were taken away from parents and pets were removed from protesters as well, supposedly to keep them safe.

The Bottom Line

Canada is not a free country. Its name should be changed to Chinada. The government can now even freeze bank and cryptocurrency payments of people it doesn’t like.

If you’re in Canada, try to get out while you can. If you’re not, take this as a warning of what happens when you lose freedom.