Veterans Report Shocking New Tyranny from Biden Regime

The Biden regime has disrespected and betrayed America. Its actions in Afghanistan are horrific and treasonous, as the Taliban now controls the country and thousands of Americans are stranded behind enemy lines.

One Marine Officer who spoke out about the Biden regime was Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller. As he said, someone needs to take responsibility and that includes Biden, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark “White Rage” Milley.

Scheller was relieved of duty since military rules forbid making public political statements. The Biden regime is taking things one step further, however. What they are doing now is Stalinesque.

Veterans Get Special Warnings Not to Speak Out

Veterans and active duty troops are reporting receiving warnings from the Office of Naval Intelligence, ordering them not to criticize the president, vice president, Congress, or Secretary of Defense. They received emails talking about the “heightened” emotions surrounding what is happening in Afghanistan.

It reminded troops, including retired veterans, that Article 88 of the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) forbids partisan political statements, especially about the executive branch and top federal leadership.

You can be sure you are in a country controlled by psychotic socialists when they focus on scaring veterans and military members, instead of building up morale. We need a winning spirit and can-do attitude right now coming from the top, not feckless warnings about military bureaucracy rules.

Censorship of Our Troops

Our troops understand the cost of Biden’s lies and incompetence. That’s why they’re being reminded to shut their mouths. If we all heard their voices telling the truth about just how bad this current Biden regime is, we’d be camped out outside Congress for weeks until Biden is impeached and Kamala is removed from office as well.

The email from the Office of Naval Intelligence warning service members about the limitations on their free speech is un-American. Yes, the military includes certain speech restrictions, and members are well aware of that. It’s one cost of service to maintain unity and morale.

However, warning troops about that in a special letter as they’re watching the missions they fought for fall apart is insane. This isn’t the time, and it’s not the important thing right now. If anything, we could use more brave voices like Scheller who are willing to speak out.

Partisan Bias

When Trump was in office, all sorts of government officials sounded their mouths off against him; now that Democrats are in charge, we get nice official warnings about never criticizing the government.

This is a reckless double standard that will just increase the feeling among conservatives that they are being persecuted and mistreated…because they are, and because this Biden administration has the worst American president in this nation’s history.