Video Game CEO Fired from Company for Supporting New Texas Pro-Life Law

Tripwire is a Georgia-based video game company. Their most well-known video games are Storm Rising and Red Orchestra. One of their developers is a man by the name of John Gibson.

In fact, Gibson is the CEO of the company. He recently made the mistake of thinking he still lived in a free country and tweeted out support for the new Texas abortion law. Texas’ new law makes abortion illegal once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can occur as early as six weeks.

Gibson stated his support respectfully and was immediately fired by Tripwire.

What Did Gibson Say?

All Gibson said was that he respectfully supports the new Texas law and is a pro-life video game developer. He said that he doesn’t like to be “political” but that this issue is important to him.

Gibson also explained that he wants to show that not everyone in the tech and entertainment world is pro-choice. Fair enough, right? How many times have we heard rich celebrities and heads of companies go all out with their support for abortion?

About a million times. Hell, they even use their awards shows and mainstream comedy to push infanticide. Yet, these psychopaths go absolutely berserk with anger when someone says anything that’s not in lockstep with their pro-abortion ideology.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened to Gibson, who was let go by the company’s HR department soon after his tweet.

Tripwire: Gibson ‘Stepped Down’

According to Tripwire, Gibson “stepped down” of his own free choice. Co-founder and VP Alan Wilson is taking over as CEO and Tripwire said it is “deeply sorry” for the comments Gibson made.

Instead of his comments, their statement says they want a more “positive” atmosphere at work. What better way to have a positive atmosphere than firing an employee for privately speaking his mind, right?

These leftists are truly out of their minds with hate and evil.

Tripwire Will ‘Address Concerns’

Tripwire also said Wilson will work hard to “address concerns” about Gibson’s comments; they’ll be having meetings with the whole company to ensure everyone feels safe and accepted.

Are they not aware that they just fired someone for speaking his opinion? These people are so horrible that it’s impossible to exaggerate just how much this kind of behavior is damaging America.

Nobody can work together in a country where supporting pro-life policies will make you lose your job and be canceled. If anything, it’s the pro-abortion people who should be on the defense about their fringe and disturbing viewpoints.

Instead, we now live in a nation where one man speaking his mind in the face of progressive tyranny causes the leftists to go bonkers. This liberal fascism has to stop. It’s gone way too far already.