View Host Joy Behar Has Horrible Message for Residents of East Palestine, Ohio

The View is one of those shows almost nobody watches, but which sometimes makes the news.

The only reason it makes the news is that the show’s hosts sometimes say things so outrageous and stupid that even regular people can’t believe what they just heard.

That happened with Whoopi Goldberg insanely minimizing the Holocaust against the Jewish people. It’s happened with horrific comments about people who are pro-life; it’s happened numerous times.

The latest comes from Joy Behar, one of the co-hosts, who had a message for the people of East Palestine. This is where a train accident and explosion earlier this month released tons of toxic vinyl chloride into the atmosphere and ground.

Behar Blurts It Out

Speaking Thursday night on her show, Behar said that East Palestine folks have themselves to blame for what happened since most cast ballots for Trump in 2016.

She said Trump rolled back environmental protections, rail safety, and was in bed with chemical corporation lobbies. The fact that most in East Palestine “voted for” him kind of speaks for itself with what happened, Behar implied.

Saying Trump cut down “all safety” in America, Behar said that Trump deserves zero credit for visiting McDonald’s and buying food for everyone and his other “photo ops.”

Her fellow View member Sunny Hostin agreed, saying Trump showed up to fake caring about a disaster he’s partly responsible for.

View member Farah Griffin had a bit of a different take, saying Biden and his Transportation chief Pete Buttigieg dropped the ball in not doing anything for over a week in response to the disaster.

It also took Buttigieg 20 days to even show up and pretend to care about what happened; then, he ended up blaming Trump for it.

Deregulation to Blame?

Regulations can help prevent tragedy and disaster, but the idea that Obama was some environmental warrior is absurd. Further, the idea that Trump is the one to blame for this makes zero sense.

As View co-host Meghan McCain said, the “cruelty,” as well as the “elitism,” of people like Behar are hard for most people to even process. Sadly, she’s seen it all too often and knows it is real.

As East Palestine residents worry about getting cancer or whether to leave their homes, people like Behar are crowing away about Trump and how stupid conservatives are. They’re making up sick, twisted fantasies in their heads about how this is all the fault of the bad orange man.

The Bottom Line

People like Behar perched in their ivory towers really don’t care about regular Americans. Trump was dead right about that.

The idea that she’s just making a political point is absurd. Obama’s policies never would have stopped what happened.

People like Behar are no different than they’ve ever been. The only difference is they’re now taking off their masks and revealing the true monster underneath.