Virginia Parents Oppose Woke Propaganda at Virginia School Board Meeting

Parents in Virginia’s Loudoun County just showed this country what it means to stand up for kids. 

At a recent Loudoun County School Board meeting, things got heated up when parents stood and made comments about extreme progressive viewpoints and critical race theory being pushed on their kids. 

They also opposed transgender ideology changes that would let boys be in the girls bathrooms and force people to use alternate pronouns. 

The evening actually ended with an arrest as things got quite out of hand. 

However, we all have a right to exercise our First Amendment and stand up for our kids. 

What Led to the Showdown?

The showdown occurred as a result of the changes in transgender policies, pronoun use, teachings of critical race theory, and more which are coming down the pipeline and could go into effect by August. 

Loudoun County parents are not happy about it; 259 registered to let their voices be heard at Tuesday’s meeting. 

They became upset after a liberal parent started slandering Christians in the room, saying hate was “dripping” from them and they were not welcome in the district. 

Former Virginia State Senator Dick Black also gave comments that raised the roof after he pointed out the clear and unacceptable racism contained in critical race theory and woke ideology. 

Black didn’t mince words; he called out the school district for ending free speech and pushing “ridiculous” lies about boys being able to be girls.

Black called out the board’s “dark history” for having a blacklist to punish those who opposed critical race theory. 

What Did Parents Want?

In addition to wanting to speak up about their concerns about the proposed changes, parents wanted the school district to let teacher Tanner Cross come back and teach. 

Cross was suspended when he said he disagreed with the changes; however, he has since been reinstated. The district is appealing to try to make sure he stays out and this made parents angry. 

The school board is clearly run by leftists; if there are conservatives on there, they are mainly hiding their true colors, probably due to fear of losing their jobs. 

The former senator is right to call out the “bigotry” of these leftists, because that’s exactly what it is. 

The anti-Christian individual who claimed the Christians are full of hate has it exactly the opposite of the truth.

It’s the progressives in the room who are dripping with hate. They want to twist kids’ ideas about gender, force racial ideas into the classroom, crap all over America, and create a Marxist hellhole in this country. 

These progressive fanatics need to be shouted down at every opportunity and treated like what they are: enemies of our children and of our country.