Virginia Teacher Breaks Down in Tears, Quits Over Critical Race Bullying

Critical race theory is an anti-American, racist ideology that’s infecting our school system. The Senate is working to shut it down in public schools, but it’s still being pushed on students as we speak.

At a recent school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia one educator reached her limit. She quit on the spot in front of the whole school board after breaking down in tears over the horrific garbage that’s being taught to youngsters in her Grade 5 class.

Large Crowd Meets in Loudon County to Debate CRT

Laura Morris was one of a large crowd of over 150 who gathered to debate various subjects, including the county’s inclusion of CRT in the curriculum. Other topics also included making people wear masks in school, freedom to choose whether or not to be vaccinated, and how remote learning could be rolled out.

Morris herself broke down in tears about her Grade 5 class and how she’s expected to teach them CRT and be fine with allowing biological boys into girls locker rooms, due to transgenderism policy from the county.

Morris said she will no longer be a “cog in a machine” that’s being a predator over young kids and ruining their hearts and minds. Morris also said that as a Christian, she simply cannot stand to push ideologies anymore which are anti-Christian and blasphemous.

Morris said her advice to everyone is to go to a private school if possible and leave the public schools as soon as possible.

Teacher Said She Feels She is Not Valued in Woke School

Morris said she has been told that she’s an oppressor due to being Christian and white during school training. She said that the bullying eventually got to her and she’s done taking the abuse. Therefore, she quit in front of everyone right at the meeting.

Morris got major support at the meeting, but not everyone was onboard. Other parents said Morris doesn’t know what she’s talking about, including one who said he/she is transgender; another parent spoke up in favor of allowing trans students in whatever locker rooms they want.

The Obvious Truth

The obvious truth is that Morris is a reasonable and moderate woman. She’s only saying a toned-down version of what all of us are thinking. The Soviet-style bullying and insanity going on in our educational system is beyond belief.

There is no reason to tolerate it in any way, and she is a brave woman for sacrificing her job for the sake of standing up to tyranny. All patriots must do what they can to speak up against the evil infecting our culture and our institutions…even if that means quitting and leaving, make a statement on your way out the door like Morris did!