VP Kamala Harris Fails Spectacularly in Mexico

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Vice President Kamala Harris is clearly being prepared for a 2024 presidential run by the Democrats. 

They’re putting her in charge of President Biden’s foreign policy and trying to get her some good photo ops as she helps improve the border crisis. 

Here’s the thing, though: Harris is failing spectacularly because she never belonged anywhere near the Oval Office, in the first place.

I guess primary voters knew what they were doing when almost nobody voted for her to begin with.

Harris is on a trip to Mexico and Guatemala…and let’s just say it is going even worse than anyone could imagine. 

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Harris Embarrasses Herself on the World Stage

First, Harris arrived in Guatemala where the conservative president doesn’t like her. He’s already blamed the Biden administration for encouraging his citizens to illegally migrate. She was greeted by signs telling her Trump won the 2020 election and to go home. 

Then, she headed to Mexico on Tuesday where she put her foot in her mouth and said Mexico and other countries are “in large part” to blame for the border crisis. 

As you can imagine this did not go extremely well, especially considering she’s in their country. This is called basic diplomacy, folks. 

Harris had a press conference with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (Amlo). During this event, Harris said to his face that problems in his country are the only real reason the border crisis exists, and “most people don’t want to leave home.”

She’s 100% incorrect. The glorification of the US as a place where illegal immigrants can come get rich has been repeatedly spread by her, Biden, and all other irresponsible Democrats.

These leftists are looking to farm a new team of desperate voters to prop up their green energy twisted dystopia. 

Harris Claims to Want to Fix ‘Root Causes’ in Central America, Mexico

Saying she’s all about fixing the “root causes” making people come to the US illegally, Harris announced she also wants to “strengthen legal pathways” for migrants to enter into America.

After telling Guatemalans “don’t come” repeatedly, she’s now also saying she wants to make it…easier to come. 

Mixed message much?

This is what happens when you pander to minorities and illegal immigrants but also are faced with the reality of that pandering: kids in cages, an overwhelmed economy, border towns on their last nerve, and Americans sick and tired of your false humanitarian lies.

Since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is still letting illegals and asylum seekers go with no court dates, what should people think in Guatemala and Mexico? They see an idiotic progressive woman shrieking at them and they see that she doesn’t mean what she says. 

You do the math.