Warning: America is Running Out of French Fries

Not everyone is interested in politics, but one thing almost everybody cares about is food.

Currently, one of the most popular foods here in America and around the world is french fries. However, there’s a big problem. Our country is running out of potatoes to make french fries.

It’s Joe Biden’s fault. Yes, I’m serious. Let me explain…

Biden is Destroying Our Fries

Here in America and around the world, fast food joints are having a problem; they don’t have enough potatoes to keep producing enough french fries for customers.

If you go to White Castle or McDonald’s to get a combo, chances are you’re getting it with fries and dousing them with ketchup. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

As the world’s biggest producer of potatoes, the US helps keep Americans and people around the globe supplied with tasty, fried goodness. Yet, now lockdowns pushed by Joe Biden and the Democrats have cut into that in a horrible way.

That’s because lockdowns pushed by the left during COVID-19 cut into the bottom line of many US farmers and their ability to grow and ship potatoes.

Supply chain logistic problems that were completely bungled by Transportation Secretary and failed presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg also hit the world’s potato supply.

There’s likewise been record cold weather across America and Canada, which has damaged the potato crops and led to smaller yields.

Allies like Japan literally had to have emergency flights of potatoes flown in, due to the lockdown shortages of US potato production. There’s barely enough left for us now and experts are warning we could soon run out of our favorite food.

What’s next? Are we going to hear that there won’t be any more pizza?

The Bottom Line

It’s not just potatoes that are at risk. Products like cream cheese are also running short in New York and other places, leading bagel shops to start panicking.

We have a senile old man in the White House. He is running a clown crew that’s dragging this country into the gutter. It’s getting so ridiculous that we’re literally running out of french fries and cream cheese for our bagels.

You can’t say this is 100% Biden’s fault, but the lockdowns and supply problems are definitely a big part of it. He definitely deserves some of the blame.

If you go to a restaurant soon and can’t get fries with that, think about politics and how it can impact even the areas of your life you never expected.

We’re living in very strange times that are full of stress, but at least we could always depend on a tasty burger combo with fries to take some of the edge off. Now they’re even taking that from us?!