Washington’s Democrat Gov. Jay Inslee Has Hilarious New Plan to Save America

Washington state is led by a clueless Democrat Governor called Jay Inslee.

The main interest that Inslee has is pushing the Green New Deal agenda. He’s also a social justice warrior (SJW) who loves to claim he’s an anti-racist activist.

In the summer of 2020, when America was turned upside down by BLM and Antifa violence, Inslee marched in the street with activists.

Despite all his messaging telling people to stay home, an enthusiastic Inslee got out there with the crowds of thousands.

Now, the Washington governor has a new law he wants to push through in the Evergreen State. You won’t believe your ears when you hear what it is.

Inslee Wants to Make Lying Illegal

Inslee is urging legislators in Washington to criminalize any “elected official” who makes untrue statements about the outcome of an electoral process.

In other words, if you “willfully” tell something untrue to the public about what happened in an election, Inslee wants to put you behind bars.

This law is currently under development. Inslee wanted to make sure people know he stands behind it. He said the reason he backs this law is that lies about elections are likely to “stoke violence.”

The obvious message Inslee is trying to send is conservatives and Trump are bad and that the January 6 riots of last year were the worst thing that’s ever happened.

Keeping the hype going about the MAGA riots at the Capitol is the Democrats’ plan to gain ground in this year’s upcoming midterms.

The irony is Inslee’s Boy Scout act here is completely see-through. Nobody has spread more lies into the body politic than the Democrat Party of recent memory, including its four years of outrageous conspiracy theories about President Trump and Russia.

If Inslee wants lying about elections to be illegal, he should get all the Democrats together in a giant jail and throw away the key. This law is a complete joke.

Details of the Proposed New Law

The new law would criminalize any lies about an election that could be reasonably considered to potentially cause “violence.”

It would be classed as a mid-level crime, which could potentially be quite serious if someone was convicted.

Specifically, you would be looking at up to a year in jail and fines of up to $5,000.  Inslee stated his public support for the new communist-style law at a media event.

He harped on about the January 6 riots and said Trump still wants to have an insurrection and overthrow the government. Will Inslee be held responsible for telling this lie?

Trump has repeatedly denounced the January 6 riots. He also asked very logical questions about why the request for National Guard troops on that day was turned down.