WATCH: Lawless Liberal Hell Caught on Camera as Miami Descends Into Murderous Madness

One of the big reasons why President Trump won in 2016 was to restore law and order. He talked about our open border, our weakening economy, and the treasonous rats hollowing out our national greatness.

Thiugh he also spoke clearly about the need for law and order and to restore safety in our cities. That means empowering cops. It also means punishing criminals to the fullest extent of the law.

The price of the left’s soft-on-crime policies are available for all to see. Recently, they led to a rash of shootings in Miami during Spring Break.

Disturbing Video Shows Brazen Shooting

Security footage shows the most recent shooting in Miami, in which a gunman fired into a crowd on Sunday.

A 24-year-old black male by the name of Dontavious Polk of Fort Lauderdale has been charged with the crime and hit with first-degree murder. Polk approaches the crowd around three in the morning beside Ocean Drive. He was accompanied by three other individuals.

Polk then fires multiple rounds at an individual walking there, including once the victim is on the ground. Polk was chased down by cops after trying to run away and arrested on the scene, along with the recovery of his firearm.

The victim died and another male was injured in the shooting. The victim has not been named.

The Second Shooting of the Weekend

The same Spring Break weekend, another shooting also took place in Miami’s South Beach neighborhood, killing one and injuring another.

Police warned people to remain cautious and Miami Beach put in a curfew for several days to try to contain the violence.

Other footage from the weekend shows “partygoers” jumping on vehicles on the street and acting like out-of-control hooligan thugs. CNN and other networks referred to these incidents as “out of control Spring Breakers.”

Whatever that means, I’m pretty sure being on Spring Break doesn’t give you the right to smash vehicles and act like animals in the middle of residential areas.

The state of the country is perfectly exemplified by these incidents; the future is dark if we don’t get some real leadership and real law and order very soon.

Taking a Realistic Look

The truth is more and more Americans who can afford it are going to keep heading to suburbs and gated communities.

Nobody wants to raise a family or go on vacation in places where there are random shootings in the middle of crowds and drunken animals jumping on cars for fun.

America is seeing the consequences of giving criminals a slap on the wrist and making excuses for them.

Cashless bail and light sentencing have real consequences. They make life more dangerous for all of us. It’s time to bring back real law and order to America and, this time, it has to stay for good.