WATCH: Lunatic Leftist Professor Gets Fired After Attempted Machete Attack

America used to be a nation where you could get a higher education without communist indoctrination. Sadly, in many of our colleges and universities, that’s no longer the case.

Especially not in New York City, where a professor named Shellyne Rodriguez was recently fired for threatening a conservative journalist with a machete. Yes, seriously.

Democrats Doing Democrat Things

Up until recently, Rodriguez was a professor at Hunter College in Manhattan. Rodriguez is a bit more honest than many leftists because she openly admits she is a dedicated Marxist.

The college was fine with that, of course, but Rodriguez ran into some trouble she couldn’t get out of recently. That happened after being filmed on video threatening a New York Post reporter with a machete.

Literally. Hunter let her go hours later, saying they “strongly condemn” her actions.

What In the World Happened?

Record scratch: how did things get to this point? What happened is a month ago, Rodriguez went violently berserk and began trashing a pro-life display put on by students at Hunter College.

She wanted to make it clear that she’s a big abortion supporter.

A reporter from the New York Post went to follow up with her at her Bronx residence on why she did this, which is when she held a machete to his neck telling him to get the “f*ck” away from her door.

This nutty professor isn’t just getting off with being fired, either, and is under investigation by the NYPD as well.

She’s already been arrested before, being picked up during the George Floyd riots in 2020; although charges against her were later dismissed.

The Future is Ours?

Hunter College’s motto is mihi cura futuri, meaning “the care of the future is mine.”

This raises an important question: who will own the future and care for its children and future generations? One thing is for sure: it absolutely cannot be raving psychopath leftists like Rodriguez.