Watch Video: Marjorie Taylor Greene Accused of Kicking Activist

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is an America First conservative who’s caused more than her share of controversies since being elected to represent Georgia’s 14th district last year.

Greene, 48, is from Milledgeville, Georgia. She is about as Republican as they come, including on gun rights.

She recently had a nasty run-in with some annoying liberal activists who tried to accuse her of supporting the murder of kids. What happened next, however, is what’s generating all the headlines at this point.

Greene Kicks Leftist Lady

Greene recently tweeted out a video of the incident in question.

What happened is two leftist activists were harassing and verbally abusing her, as well as obstructing her path.

Greene was walking away from Capitol Hill when a burly man named Santiago Mayer shoved a phone in her face. He demanded to know why she supports the murder of kids.

As Greene pointed out she obviously does not support that. What she supports is the Second Amendment and an end to dangerous and deadly gun-free zones.

As she said, gun-free zones kill and everyone knows it. There’s no doubt America has a crime and mental illness problem, but blaming it on access to guns is illogical.

Greene’s security demanded the man move aside so Greene could walk. This is when the man’s apparent sidekick stepped in, a young lady called Marianna Pecorra from the leftist Gen-Z advocacy group, Voters of Tomorrow.

Standing on the other side, Pecorra challenged Greene’s logic, saying obviously the availability of legal weapons is linked to mass murder and gun violence.

That’s when the incident happened after Pecorra walked in front of Greene, blocking her. The congresswoman appears to kick her hard in the shins several times, prompting outrage from Pecorra and Mayer.

What Exactly Happened?

According to Greene’s aide, Pecorra was blocking the congresswoman, which is not permitted. At the same time, kicking someone who’s annoying you is also illegal.

Greene’s race against Marcus Flowers to win the GOP primary and get re-elected is already raking in tons of money from people supporting Flowers.

The Democrat and veteran is a black Blue Dog Democrat who is trying to win over patriots and convince them Greene is a traitor and a conspiracy nutjob.

Regardless of anyone’s beliefs on that, getting physical with activists and generating press like this definitely doesn’t help.

While it will rally Greene’s base and some America First supporters even more to her side, it will estrange voters who are not sure which way to turn.

Having a bad temper can be channeled into constructive things including politics, but once it gets taken out physically, you can run into real problems. Now, Marjorie Greene is in a risky position here.