We Finally Found Out Why Daily Show Host Trevor Noah Isn’t Funny

Trevor Noah is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against a big hospital in New York City after a surgery went very wrong.

The Daily Show host, who replaced Jon Stewart a few years ago, actually used to be funny. When he was starting out in South Africa in his early years, he wasn’t afraid to ruffle some feathers and get some laughs.

However, since taking over the chair for Stewart, he helped drop Daily Show ratings in the toilet. Then, he became a busybody leftist robot who just repeats Democrat talking points.

Now details are emerging about why…

What Happened?

Noah got surgery in November of last year.

The 37-year-old alleged comedian went to a specialized orthopedic surgeon called Dr. Riley Williams for a procedure. It has not been released exactly what that was; although Williams specializes in knee, elbow, and shoulder procedures.

According to Noah’s lawsuit against Williams and the hospital he works for, the doctor was “negligent” in the surgery and caused him serious lifelong harm. Noah also says they didn’t properly tell him what was wrong with him and gave him the wrong medications after the surgery.

The lawsuit claims Noah is now “disabled” because of what happened last year and no longer able to “enjoy” life. The hospital said Noah’s lawsuit is bogus and has no basis in fact.

Maybe Noah asked Dr. Williams to fix his funny bone? He’s definitely been missing that for many years.

The Bottom Line

Noah’s lawsuit may or may not have merit to it. One thing worth considering is that he’s already very wealthy; so it’s unclear why he would bother suing a surgeon and hospital, unless he really had been mistreated.

On the other hand, Noah is also a celebrity, which means he’s a self-entitled jerk who can’t take any pain. If that’s the case, his lawsuit could just be him crying like a spoiled baby.

The facts remain to be seen as the case unwinds, but what’s clear at this point is that Noah represents the downward decline of comedy. Almost every famous comedian is a leftist and they mostly have stopped telling jokes.

They just got for “clapter” (clapping laughter), where the audience agrees with their liberal views. It’s cringe to watch.

One thing which is worth noting is that Noah recently told his first joke in years and it was about the omicron variant and the vaccines. As Noah pointed out, it’s bizarre that we’re listening to the CEOs of wealthy pharma companies and their opinions about vaccines.

Of course, they want us to get more vaccines, regardless of whether they work. That’s the whole point: their business is to sell vaccines! Creating a market for vaccines makes perfect sense for them, whether or not the vaccines are effective.