What Happens When You Let Your City/State Go Full Blue? Portland, Oregon is Finding Out

Portland, Oregon is a perfect example of what happens when you fully embrace the Democrat Party and the lies of the left. Many voters who tick the box for a liberal just want to feel nice about themselves or believe they’re on the good side.

Sadly, however, this temporary emotional buzz comes with a very high cost. In fact, as Portlanders are finding out, letting Democrats run the show can literally cost you your life.

Portland is Becoming a Very Dangerous Place

Portland used to be a safe city where families could stroll in peace; it used to be a place where businesses could open up their doors and have a decent day. Now, it’s a waking nightmare.

Portland’s murder rate is at its highest in more than three decades, with 68 people killed so far in 2021. Anti-police rhetoric, Antifa idiots, and ongoing crime waves have ravaged the city. Meanwhile, drugs, homelessness, and mental illness continue to plague many of its neighborhoods.

Take a look at San Francisco, LA, New York, or Chicago and you will see a very similar Democrat-run picture. It’s a sad reality that the left takes formerly great places and drives them into the ground.

At first glance, 68 people might not sound like many people for a city of 650,000. However, 68 is a lot for a place which formerly had not much crime and was safe to walk around in. Now, people are being taken out in parks, while at parties, or while just driving in their cars. There have even been targeted shootings in bars.

There were a stunning 943 attacks involving firearms from January to the end of September in Portland, killing 68 and injuring 239 people. Last year, homicide in Portland was already up 83% from 2019.

Now that it’s up to such high rates, it’s hard to even comprehend. Maybe defunding and insulting the police wasn’t such a great idea, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler.

Who’s Getting Killed?

Black Portland residents are getting murdered at a rate 800% higher than white residents of Portland. Although the shootings are happening all over the city, they’re definitely focused in on the black community.

Even though black Portland residents are only 6% of the city, their community has enormous problems with gangs and drugs. Plus, Black Lives Matter scrapped things like special programs to reduce gun violence, saying they were racist programs.

Then, there’s all the defund the police nonsense that BLM kept saying. Does BLM hate black people or something? Defunding the police has been a disaster for black people, especially in Portland.

A Bad Situation

Mayor Ted Wheeler is flailing here. He put up with Antifa and BLM too much and now he’s paying the price. Comfy suburban voters just wanted to virtue signal, but now the downtown core of their city is a gangland shooting zone.

There are almost constant protests and riots; shooters in gang situations rarely get caught. Then, there is the massive rise in theft, rape, carjackings, and assault. Portland is not a place you want to be anymore and Democrats are a big part of the reason it became this way.