Where is White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki?

White House press secretary Jen Psaki is mostly famous for saying she’ll “circle back” to answer questions. She is also well known for lying and covering for the Biden regime’s endless mistakes, betrayals and disasters.

From the border to COVID, you can count on Psaki to come up with excuses, distortions and flat-out lies. Yet, now Psaki looks like she’s run away. Just as the Taliban swept over Afghanistan and Biden faces the harshest criticism of his presidency, the redhead propaganda spokeswoman can’t be found.

Where’s Jen Psaki?

For his part, Biden has been hiding out at Camp David in the forests of Maryland. He gave a brief press conference without taking questions where he read off a teleprompter. Biden doubled down on his decision to finalize the pullout from Afghanistan and has been unresponsive to anger over the thousands of Americans still trapped there.

Although he sent thousands of US troops to make sure the evacuation at the airport takes place, an estimated 10,000 American civilians are still trapped in Afghanistan, mainly in the capital of Kabul. This is an absolute disaster, and the American people want answers. So where is Biden’s mouthpiece Jen Psaki?

She appears to be on vacation, or at least somewhere not in her office. Emails to her are returned with an auto-reply saying she’s out from August 15 to August 22. How convenient for her. How horrible for the nation.

Leftist Strategy 101: When the Going Gets Tough, Just Hide

Leftists love to brag and bully, but when the going actually gets tough, they tend to do one thing: they run and hide like little babies. Psaki clearly doesn’t want to do her job and defend Biden because she knows this situation is a total disaster.

She’s part of a team of damn cowards and liars, including VP Kamala Harris who’s also staying far away from media appearances and apparently hates Biden. Does anyone actually think Kamala would have done a better job in Afghanistan? This is all about evading responsibility and being a cowardly leftist who hides and avoids responsibility when the check comes due.

What’s Next?

Some conservative commentators are speculating that Kamala is being set up to take power and that’s part of why her team is now ramping up its hostility to Biden. Usually, the VP should be standing by POTUS in public, not being a passive aggressive recluse.

As for Jen Psaki, she obviously just couldn’t take the heat. She has no issue lying to us all about the border, the economy and COVID on a daily basis. However, trying to say everything’s fine in Afghanistan when it’s clearly not and we’ve all seen helicopters getting people off the roof of the US Embassy is not possible even for her.

The Biden government is staffed by liberal cowards.