White House Press Secretary Jen ‘Circle Back’ Psaki Has COVID

Jen Psaki is the chief propagandist of the Biden regime. As the White House press secretary, her job is to recycle the nonsense and lies of Biden and his clown crew. She also has to make them sound logical.

Nowhere is that more true than in terms of COVID, where Psaki has drawn a hard line between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. She has made it clear she doesn’t care what your reasons are for not wanting the vaccine; the Biden regime sees you as the bad guy.

She has been very clear there is no compassion or acknowledgement for negative effects from the vaccines and they are a non-negotiable requirement.

Well, fully-vaccinated and always fully-masked Jen “Circle Back” Psaki now has a symptomatic case of COVID.

Psaki’s Got the Plague

Psaki tested positive for COVID on Sunday after some people in her family were sick. She didn’t go on Biden’s journey to Europe for that reason, which was probably good, as she missed his bathroom incident at the Vatican.

Despite the fact she didn’t have COVID, according to tests during the week, the sickness of members of her family caused her to decide not to go. Then, on Sunday, Psaki tested positive, in addition to other people in her family.

What about the magical vaccine? Wasn’t it supposed to make infection less likely or at least make people have less symptoms and less severe consequences? From all reports, Psaki is very sick and there’s nobody who was more cautious – and more cruel to the unvaccinated – than Psaki.

It turns out the delta variant is just as infectious for the vaccinated as the unvaccinated. In fact, some studies have shown it may be even more infectious and transmissible if you’re vaccinated.

Did Biden Get Infected?

Of course, one of the questions people are wondering about is whether Biden also caught the virus from Psaki. She says she hasn’t had any “close contact” with the president and the last time she was near Biden was last Tuesday.

However at that time, Psaki says they sat six feet apart and were both wearing masks. Plus, they’re both fully vaccinated, so it should be a lot safer than if they were unvaccinated, right?


For her part, Psaki claims her symptoms are only “mild” and she will go back to work at the White House after she has a 10-day quarantine.

The Bottom Line

Here’s wishing Psaki a speedy recovery. While she’s at it, may we humbly suggest she follows up her 10-day quarantine by coming back and admitting vaccine mandates are anti-American and wrong?

Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely she’ll do this. As soon as Psaki is back, she’ll resume lying for the Biden administration and pushing tyrannical mandates.