Why Are Democrats Suddenly Calming a Bit on COVID?

Have you noticed something unusual lately? The constant focus on COVID has gone down a bit. The Democrats are giving it a little break.

As Europe starts relaxing COVID restrictions and Canada has massive trucker protests, Biden and his crew are suddenly easing up a little on mask mandates and restrictions.

States like California and Illinois are starting to allow masks to be a personal choice.

Since these people say they believe in science so much, the governors of states like Rhode Island and New Jersey, who are loosening restrictions, must be seeing positive data on COVID infections, right?

Wrong. COVID infections are higher than ever; the high vaccination rate has done nothing to stop that or bring down the number of people in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and hospitals.

So what’s going on?

Why is the Left Relaxing Restrictions Now?

The reason the left is letting COVID restrictions slide for a bit is dead simple: midterm elections are coming up. Democrats know they have done a horrible job fighting COVID and responding to COVID.

They are trying to gaslight the American people and make us forget the past two years. They want us to believe the virus is just dying down and “science” has shifted. We can now relax.

However, two years ago with similar numbers, they told us the sky was falling and we all needed to get vaccinated or everyone would die. Now, they even admit the vaccine doesn’t stop COVID, and the masks aren’t necessary or helpful.

Democrats know they are in trouble. Polls show the highest preference for Republicans in many decades. That’s why they want to now take their feet off the gas pedal and pretend they haven’t been driving this clown car.

However, they have, and we won’t forget what they’ve done to our families, our economy, and our country.

The Left’s Fake Concern About COVID

We’re seeing up to 2,500 COVID-related deaths per day, the most since the winter of 2021. The left isn’t relaxing because the issue of COVID is over. They’re relaxing because they want to win these upcoming elections.

Then, they will tighten things up even more and seize complete power, all under the disguise of stopping this virus. They’ve done a terrible job so far; there is no reason any intelligent adult should believe a word Democrats say.

Their fake compassion for COVID victims and healthcare staff struggling with the pandemic is also shameful. Biden’s rules got healthy nurses and healthcare workers fired for not getting a vaccine.

He doesn’t give a fig about our healthcare workers or those who are sick with the virus. Only a year ago, Biden was shouting about how we couldn’t “relax” and had to wear a mask at all times.

Now, he’s letting leftist governors lift mandates and ease up so he can try to keep some seats in the midterms.

There were about 70,000 new COVID cases being recorded at that time. Now there are around 200,000 a day. Why is the threat now “over?”