Why Defeating the Left Shouldn’t Be the Focus For Conservatives

Defeating the left seems like an obvious goal for conservatives. After all, the left has vastly overstepped, especially on cultural issues and on wrecking our economy.

However, a deeper and more mature look at the matter shows something surprising: the most important far-left influence that conservatives need to defeat is the one inside themselves.

This culture has become progressively more progressive decade by decade. With high-tech media beaming woke content into every person’s eyes all day, the right can’t afford to just defeat the left politically.

It needs to offer an alternative culturally.

Left-Wing vs. Right-Wing?

The Founding Fathers made it crystal clear who America was for: a virtuous people. The blessings of liberty and pursuing happiness were not just about having fun or doing whatever you want.

That modern, very liberal idea had nothing to do with the founding philosophy of this country.

The idea of individuals unattached to family, faith, and homeland was completely alien to those who built this country and hyper-individualism has no place in the modern conservative movement.

The right also needs to take care with its attachment to the free market. Of course, we don’t want to go down the road to socialism. However, we also need to keep in mind that social and cultural values matter far more than paying off corporate donors.

This country is for its citizens, not for Microsoft or giant commercial companies and Walmart’s bottom line.

The private market can handle many things better than the government, that’s clear. Though let’s not forget part of the reason for that is the terrible people we’ve been choosing to put in government and been deceived into electing.

The America First Movement

The election of Trump is something that centrists, Never Trumpers, and the left simply still don’t understand. It was never about Trump; he was simply the expression of a populist conservative movement.

The old GOP of pencil-pushing academics is not what people want anymore. They want action and results.

While writers like Kevin Williamson in National Review whine about how Trump’s victories were all the result of the kind of old, stodgy conservatism his supporters mocked, Williamson is mistaken.

Trump’s victories happened because he went on offense instead of defense and because he focused on results instead of talk.

It really is that simple.

The Bottom Line

The future right needs to be three very key things: pro-family, pro-faith, and pro-health.

What this means is we need pro-life laws, religion to take more of a role in our media, and public life and mental/physical health to become key components of our educational and social system.

The right needs to stop responding to the left and complaining about it and offer other solutions ahead. Losers complain, winners lead.

The left doesn’t need to be argued with; it simply needs to be made irrelevant by offering much better alternatives.