Why Did Globalist Chief George Soros Just Speak Out Against Chinese Leader Xi Jinping?

George Soros is basically the CEO of globalism. He’s crashed entire economies and runs a huge amount of organizations that work to lead to a one world order and a “democratic” and “open” future.

Soros’ Open Society Foundation has worked to destabilize numerous nations around the world and spread a liberal version of society.

It’s also turned a blind eye to China, since communism can be a useful ally for globalism as it works to force the world into a high-tech slave grid.

Although, now Soros has come out with a surprise op-ed in which he slams the leader of China Xi Jinping; Soros says that tension between the US and China could soon lead to war.

Why has he turned against the communist state?

Soros Says US and China Can’t Be Friends

According to Soros, Xi’s leadership is authoritarian, but also represents a way of seeing the world that’s completely “opposed” to the American and Western way.

America wants an “open society” according to Soros, whereas Xi wants a “totalitarian closed” society that cares most about the good of the state.

Soros says a clash with China over Taiwan could come anytime and lead to war. Meanwhile, Xi is trying to become the permanent leader of China and get all the top military brass on his side.

Soros has worked with Chinese people who wanted to soften communism by networking them with his pro-democracy people in Hungary and he’s been fairly open about opposing Xi.

Soros calls Xi a “dangerous enemy” of freedom. Here’s why.

What the Globalists Want

The globalists want a world run by technological systems that they believe will make life perfect. They want two main things.

These things are to live forever like gods, aided by technology, and to have full control over everything people do, say, and think in society, through the aid of technology.

China is a more literal manifestation of this authoritarian desire. It’s not the same, however. China is nationalist. It’s been a large part of the globalist plan to crash the West, and a willing partner, but by criticizing Xi, Soros is showing just how he likes to twist things around.

He’s pretending to be a consistent defender of rights, when really he’s saying that Xi is getting too drunk on personal power. Soros wants team players who will only do what they’re told, and Xi is becoming obsessed by his own dictatorship.

He needs to come back in line and focus on the program of a one-world order. Anyone who gets in the way of that – even China – will start getting criticism from the globalists.

What Does Soros Want?

Soros wants a leftist world where the liberal view of humanity prevails. He wants technology and restrictions and regulations controlling our lives and businesses.

He wants rights-based systems where the elites of society decide what those rights are and how they’re applied.

He wants the Chinese system but disguised in an iron glove. He wants to have a totalitarian system disguised as a democratic one. This posturing against China and Xi is a mix of self-delusion and bold-faced lying.