Why Do Leftists Keep Letting Violent Criminals Out of Jail?

The left can’t seem to stop letting violent criminals out of jail. We saw it in the Waukesha Massacre where a career criminal pedophile was out on bail who never should have been.

We’ve seen it in a hundred other cases, and now we’ve seen it even more recently in LA, where a string of robberies led to people being arrested…and then let right back out on the streets, thanks to lax leftist bail laws in California. 

Leftist Law: Get Out of Jail Free, Forever!

What happened, in this case, is the police department of Los Angeles (LAPD) arrested 14 individuals after there were dozens of thefts and aggressive break-ins around the city. Do the crime, do the time, seems fair, right? Not so fast.

These people were all taken into custody at the end of last month. Now, only a few days into December, every single violent thief is back on the streets of LA. The reason is that bail is very low in California and, in some cases, is not required.

The idea on the left is officially to give convicts more of a chance at a new life and do “prison reform” that will lead to a fairer and more compassionate society. The reality is criminals can produce crime without ever even paying a price for it.

The LAPD Speaks Out

LAPD Chief Michel Moore spoke out about this situation and said the “zero bail criteria” has made doing his job a lot harder.

They are currently going over criminal charges, but the basic point is people like far-left LA County DA George Gascon are letting criminals out without holding them to any real account.

Robberies of jewelry stores and other businesses are only contributing to the already awful environment caused by COVID lockdowns and vaccine rules. As usual, we see the left creating a situation where it’s much harder for police to do their job.

Meanwhile, ordinary, hard-working Americans are left at the mercy of the violent mob. We see an environment where small business is targeted.

Already earlier this year, California’s highest state court decided judges aren’t allowed to set bail that’s higher than what a suspect can pay. The result is losers with no money who steal stuff often get out on zero bail. Seriously.

It Gets Even Scarier…

A few days ago, two murder suspects got let out on zero bail, despite being directly wanted for a brutal murder on Halloween. There have been more and more cases like this in California, which is now becoming a lawless zone of gangsters, illegal aliens, and criminals.

The scary truth is communist and tyrannical regimes often open jails as part of their plan to collapse society before taking it over. This is a time when patriots will be tested.