Why the Battle Over Biden’s Fake Infrastructure Bill Matters so Much for the Future of the Country

170104-D-SV709-0575 by U.S. Secretary of Defense is licensed under CC BY 2.0

President Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan isn’t just another political football.

It matters a lot for the future of this country and it says a lot about how divided we are as a nation that we can’t even agree on what “infrastructure” means. 

For those of us who have common sense and value money and hard work, infrastructure means bridges, roads, buildings and the nuts and bolts that make the country tick. 

For Democrats like Biden, infrastructure means a radical plan to force through a “green” agenda and sneak through a bunch of social welfare programs.

Of course they say this is about compassion – they always do – but of course we know it’s about increasing people’s dependence on government and getting them hooked on that steady supply of Democratic welfare dope. 

Grassroots Fundraiser with Vice President Biden and Senator Harris – Wilmington, DE – August 12, 2020 by Biden For President is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Biden Plan

It’s already obvious that Biden is an ailing old man who’s not in charge of his own administration. He’s being used by ideological extremists to push through huge changes that are not going to benefit the majority of Americans. 

His infrastructure proposal is a massive handout to donors and radical special interests that will crank up taxes and give the federal government more power than it’s ever dreamed of. As Congressman Steve Scalise said, quite simply it’s a “socialist agenda.”

Considering that Scalise took a bullet from a crazed socialist at a Congressional baseball practice in 2017 and almost died, he should know what he’s talking about when it comes to the danger of this ideology.

Infrastructure matters a hell of a lot, but using infrastructure and government spending as a smokescreen to put in place massive government control and sneak in Democratic agendas is very dishonest and dangerous. 

Here’s the thing:

Republicans are not the close-minded bogeymen that liberals want to imagine. They’re just people who want what’s best for this country and care about high-paying jobs and choices that are best for American families. Sometimes Republican politicians are on the same page as Republican voters, sometimes they’re not. 

But either way, GOP politicians are saying that even improving the electrical system or increasing access to broadband internet are worthy goals that deserve to be under the category of infrastructure. 

The problem comes with the interference in the economy, by pushing wind and solar power and spending billions of government dollars to put electric vehicle charging stations everywhere. If electric vehicles are so good, why not let them naturally take over the market? Who does it help to have the government play favorites and force through its agenda? 

The portions of the “infrastructure” bill helping the disabled, expanding access to social programs and increasing health care can also be debated at their time and place, but the fact is: why are these in an infrastructure bill? They can call it “human infrastructure” but that’s just a lie…and sounds really creepy. 

The Democrats need to stop playing dirty tricks and be honest. If they want an infrastructure bill then put forward…an infrastructure bill. 

This issue is not going away anytime soon and it’s probably going to be going on the rest of this year and longer into the future in various forms. The Democrats will do what they always do – use people’s suffering which they created to ask why conservatives don’t care about people’s suffering and try to blackmail taxpayers into funding increases in their mafia-like power. 

And that’s why patriotic Americans need to do what they do: stand up for what’s true, support their local communities and ignore and shout down the manipulative lies of the entrenched political class in Washington, D.C. and their progressive puppet masters trying to push a communist agenda on this country.