Will the US Become the Next Venezuela?

Venezuela was once a rich country full of potential. Now, it has lines for food and gas; people who don’t like the authoritarian socialist government disappear on a regular basis.

When socialists took over Venezuela, they made big promises: a better economy for everyone and sharing oil profits. They were on the side of the “people” and “justice.”

What quickly happened is they crushed small businesses, raised taxes, and began to strangle people to death, as violent mobs took over the streets and chaos descended.

We see disturbing similarities now with the situation in the United States. That’s why it’s now time to ask…are we next?

The Venezuelan States of America?

People like Bernie Sanders and AOC tell us socialism is nice and cozy, like it is in Sweden and Norway. They don’t mention that Scandinavia runs off immense oil wealth and the protection of capitalist economies, like Germany and the UK.

They don’t mention real socialism in history has been a bloodbath and chaotic disaster. Venezuela has 30,000 murders a year or more. One of those who survived socialist Venezuela and came to America is Daniel Di Martino.

Speaking recently on the Heritage Foundation’s Daily Signal podcast, Di Martino spoke about the reality of life in Venezuela. It’s something that should serve as a warning to us all.

Di Martino was born in Venezuela and came to the US after high school. He found the way of life in America was so much better; the job opportunities were so much better that it shocked him.

He also found the US much safer. Back in Venezuela, he had family members abducted by a corrupt cop and remembered a daily struggle to get basic things like food and toiletries.

The Reality of Venezuela

As Di Martino told the Daily Signal, the reality of life in Venezuela is it’s a daily struggle for survival. Nobody gets away clean; you need to be ready to pay bribes to officials and everyone around you to get anything done.

The streets are very dangerous. The socialist regime of Nicolas Maduro has an iron grip on power, fueling their hold with the sale of dangerous drugs and collaborations with terrorist regimes worldwide.

Although they are very unpopular, they respond to any rebellion with murder and jail, running over protesters, and disappearing people who speak out. The oil industry is gone, wrecked by government interference.

The narcoterrorist Maduro government sells drugs to the US and other countries. Perhaps the only bright spot in the country is people are no longer bothering with Venezuelan money.

They’re starting to use US dollars or Colombian money, which is acting as a buffer from the insane inflation on the Venezuelan currency.

The Bottom Line

The US can’t afford to let itself slide into the same situation as Venezuela. We must stand up to the pro-crime, pro-drug, pro-disarmament, and pro-terrorist policies of the Democrat policy.

America will always stay free!