Woke Google Workers Make The Whole Country Laugh Out Loud

Google is one of the core companies comprising Big Tech. They are woker than woke, which you can tell on any given day, just by checking out their homepage and seeing the far-left nonsense and individuals they promote.

Recently, the company made headlines when over 600 of its workers sent a letter to the company which owns Google, Alphabet, asking for more time and finances to cover abortions they might need.

Google already said they’d pay for travel and expenses of any workers in a state where abortion was restricted, but these wokesters wanted to make their point.

Now, they are making the whole country laugh with their latest self-righteous stupid stunt, demanding special privacy rules around search history.

Abortions For Everyone, Courtesy of Google

The stunt that Google progressives pulled to try to whine about abortion ended up being irrelevant since the company had already gone overboard in providing all sorts of extra money and resources.

Though now they want even more. They want abortions fully paid for and extra time off for everyone else too, including those who do business with Google. This includes people who work as third parties and aren’t even officially affiliated with Google.

In other words, abortions for everyone, courtesy of Google. The benefits wouldn’t extend to healthcare, vision, or other things for those doing business with Alphabet, only to potentially paying for the “right” to abort their unborn babies.

Another very odd part of the latest petition to expand abortion is it includes a demand for Google maps to take sides. The petition wants Google to delete information about pregnancy crisis resource centers and delete people’s search history who are looking for abortions.

In other words, shut down resources for women considering other options to abortion. Hide the search history of those who are looking to get an abortion so nobody will know and they will be “safe.”

The Bottom Line

Google has a core of very woke workers who want to push the company even further left, as if that was even possible. Apparently, perhaps it is.

The interesting part of this, however, is that wokeness is coming up against the Surveillance State of which Google is part.

Sure, Google wants to virtue signal and send all its workers wherever they want to terminate pregnancies. Though it isn’t interested in potentially cutting off any data sources or tracking users, regardless of the reason.

Google’s business model is to track everything, make algorithms to sell things, and even influence how people think, when they think it and why.

They are a mind control machine. Part of doing that is knowing what everyone is doing and thinking most of the time, or at least being able to guess with high probability.