WOKE MURDER: Horrifying Case Shocks Nation

A gruesome triple homicide shocked the Oakland, California community in 2016, although it received almost no media attention apart from locally.

Today the killer was finally sentenced: a man by the name of Dana Rivers.

“Dana” brutally slaughtered a lesbian couple and their 19-year-old teen son in the fall of 2016.

Rivers was a dedicated transgender activist and was reportedly angry about not being allowed in an all woman motorbike club that the two victims, Charlotte Reed and her wife, had gone to.

A Horrible Case

Rivers shot Reed to death along with her wife while the two were asleep in their bedroom. When the couple’s son came to find out what was going on, Rivers also shot him down.

This was not one or two stabs: 47 deep stabbing marks were found on Reed’s body, after which Rivers poured gasoline all over the home with the intention of burning it down.

Rivers pretended to be friends with the couple for a long time and had used this to get close to them and their family, eventually waiting until they were asleep to brutally rob their lives.

Rivers belonged to an extremist transgender organization called Camp Trans and his name was David Warfield before this man decided he was a woman.

He had experienced problems as a result of it, being let go from his job as a teacher and given a payoff when he said he planned to become a woman.

A Bitter History

Rivers clearly had a lot of anger what had happened when being pushed out of his job. This guy is currently being kept in a woman’s prison and his trial starts Dec. 5.

At this point his lawyers will go for an insanity defense and there’s a good chance this individual may end up in an asylum for the criminally insane instead of a jail.

Rivers’ history is disturbing as well as the drama surrounding being paid off to leave his teaching job.

There’s no doubt that there appear to be mental issues at play here, but the fact of the matter is that many crimes involve aspects of unbalanced mentality and delusion.

If everyone who commits a crime gets away with it due to being unstable, there won’t be any prosecution of crimes anymore.

What’s even worse is that Rivers appears to have been motivated because trans people were barred from a lesbian festival.

There’s never been a clearer sign of the real split that exists between the LGB (Lesbian Gay Bisexual) and the T (Transgender).

The media wants us to believe it’s one big happy rainbow family, but in reality there’s a lot of tension.

The Bottom Line

This individual should never have been on the loose in society in the first place. Let’s hope Rivers gets put behind bars for a very long time and serves as a reminder of how dangerous trans extremism can be.