Woke University Goes Too Far With Latest Sexuality Course

Woke ideology has been in the spotlight for a very simple reason: the left has been pushing it hard and regular people have been pushing back.

We’ve seen success in Florida against critical race theory and other far-left ideologies, but wokeness still has a big impact every day in America. Its impact isn’t only in grade school and high school.

There is no worse incubator of far-left radicalism than our universities, many of which have become radical left indoctrination camps.

The latest example comes out of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where students will get credits for watching pornography.

A Degree in Porn?

Westminster is offering a course called FILM-3000 Porn, which is all about studying the art form of pornography. More specifically, it’s a look at the power dynamics in porn in terms of gender, race, and class.

Students will sit in class and watch porn in order to study “sexual inequalities,” according to the course’s description.

This isn’t some two-bit community college, either. This ridiculous university costs $37,060 per year. Students are supposed to pay thousands of dollars to sit and watch hardcore porn in an amphitheater?

They can do so by visiting one of many various sites and doing so for free, not that they should.

Though that’s the absurdity of modern academia and universities.

Many of them have become outright scams, charging students massive amounts of money to sit and learn some ideology that reinforces cultural Marxism, radical feminism, and anti-American nonsense.

A ‘Fascinating’ Chance to Study Gender

The course listing for this hardcore porn class appears to have been deleted at some point after Campus Reform reported on it on April 19. However, local news in Salt Lake validated the class is real and is still taking place.

The person teaching it is a woman called Chanza Torres, who said it will be a “fascinating” opportunity for students.

She said her course will look at how most porn mistreats women, but there are also ways in which it can also be revolutionary and overturn gender stereotypes.

In other words, students will study how porn can be more than just white, heterosexual, male patriarchy and can demolish capitalism, racial categories and masculinity.

No word on how heavily-Mormon Utahns will feel about a course requiring them to watch sex acts which are forbidden to Mormons. Presumably, Mormons simply aren’t welcome at Westminster.

Westminster is Far From Alone

In case anyone gets the idea this liberal Utah university is the odd one out, keep in mind Harvard is offering a special course in studying orgies, while many other woke universities offer studies involving porn and sexual exploration.

It’s not that porn has no academic merit to deconstruct, but does it really require watching it in class?