Controversial Chaos: Conservative Perspective on Soros-Funded Prosecutor’s Motion to Hold


In a recent development that has sparked outrage among the conservative community, a motion has been filed by Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg to hold individuals accountable for their actions. This move has only added fuel to the fire of the already heated debate surrounding the influence of billionaire George Soros on our justice system.

Bragg, who has been known for his progressive stance and ties to Soros, has once again made headlines with this bold move. Many on the right see this as yet another example of Soros' deep pockets manipulating the legal system to serve his own agenda.

But what exactly is the motion that has caused such an uproar? According to sources, it calls for the prosecution of individuals involved in what is being deemed as "unlawful activities" during recent protests and demonstrations. This includes charges against law enforcement officers for their use of force in maintaining order and protecting innocent civilians.

For conservatives, this is seen as a direct attack on the men and women who risk their lives to keep our streets safe. They argue that Bragg's agenda is to dismantle our law enforcement and leave us vulnerable to chaos and lawlessness.

Furthermore, many believe that Soros' funding of Bragg's campaign for prosecutor is a clear indication of his intentions to sway the legal system in his favor. This is not the first time the Hungarian-American billionaire has been accused of using his wealth and influence to manipulate politics and justice.

The backlash against Bragg's motion has been swift and fierce. Conservatives are standing united in their opposition to what they see as a blatant disregard for law and order. Some have even called for a boycott of Soros-funded organizations and businesses, urging others to take a stand against this dangerous manipulation.

On the other hand, those in support of Bragg argue that the motion is necessary in holding individuals accountable for their actions and addressing the systemic issues within our justice system. They point to the ongoing protests and calls for social justice as evidence that change is needed, and Bragg's motion is a step in the right direction.

However, for conservatives, the fear remains that this is just the beginning. With Bragg now in a powerful position, there are concerns that he will continue to push his progressive agenda and dismantle the very foundations of our justice system.

In the end, this latest move by Soros-funded prosecutor Alvin Bragg has only deepened the divide between the right and left. Conservatives see it as a dangerous abuse of power, while progressives see it as a necessary step towards reform. Only time will tell how this controversy will unfold and what impact it will have on our justice system. But one thing is for sure, the battle between conservative values and the influence of outside forces is far from over.

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  1. Those judges and their enablers who are persecuting the ex President will in turn face judgement.
    Donald J Trump is of the “chosen people”, tormenting this man is the last thing these idiots should be doing. But when their turn comes. Well! Lets see how they will fare.
    Not long to wait for the “Second Coming”.

  2. Unless the truth of America comes to the forefront of the justice system, which was started by our founding fathers under honor, trust and respect America will fall just like Germany did badly Because of harsh propaganda against the truth

  3. How can I boycott Soros businesses if I don’t know what he owns or is invested in. Is there a list anywhere of what businesses he owns or influences?

  4. I am truly sick and tired of these democratic elected officials waging war against President Trump. I pray that our Father in Heaven Continues to Guide as well as Protect President Trump.

  5. It’s obvious Soros has an agenda that isn’t good for America, that was apparently proven in the past. It’s time to remove the snake that’s destroying this country. And while we are removing that snake, take Biden, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, the entire Squad and Mitt Romney with them.

  6. How long are we going to listen to Soros and his minions? He would love to be the king
    of the world. We can’t let him use his money to rule the U.S. and whoever. He is not
    any kind of royalty! We need to watch he and his people trying to take over. Don’t listen
    to him or them!!!!

  7. Why didn’t they push to charge clinton for the dossier? What was that if not election interference? How about when they came out with the lie that hunter’s laptop was russian disinformation? I guess it’s ok if they charge a guy with a felony, when it’s only a misdemeanor, that has expired under the Statue of Limitations. More leftist/communism, and they are trying to force it down our throats. The only time they will complain is when it happens to one of them. Keep your eyes open j6 committee.


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