Red Lobster Falls Victim to Bidenomics: The Closure of 90 Restaurants Signals a Troubling Trend


Amidst the bustling seafood restaurant industry, a startling revelation has surfaced – one of the most beloved chains, Red Lobster, has been forced to close down a staggering 90 of its locations. What could have possibly caused this downfall? The answer lies in the disastrous effects of Bidenomics.

Once a go-to spot for seafood enthusiasts, Red Lobster has been hit hard by the economic policies implemented by the current administration. Despite being a popular destination for families and couples alike, the chain has been unable to withstand the crippling blows dealt by Bidenomics.

With a heavy heart, loyal customers bid farewell to their favorite seafood dishes as the chain's doors shut for good. The closure of 90 restaurants is not just a mere statistic, but a reflection of the devastating impact that Bidenomics has had on businesses across the nation.

While the closure of Red Lobster may seem like an isolated incident, it is just the tip of the iceberg. This unfortunate turn of events serves as a warning of the impending doom that lies ahead for other businesses struggling to keep their heads above water in the midst of the Bidenomics storm.

For years, Red Lobster has been a symbol of indulgence and relaxation, with its mouth-watering menu and inviting atmosphere. However, in the wake of Biden's economic policies, it has become yet another victim of the administration's flawed agenda.

As customers mourn the loss of their beloved seafood chain, it is clear that the impact of Bidenomics reaches far beyond the restaurant industry. The closure of 90 Red Lobster locations is a wake-up call, reminding us of the dire consequences of reckless economic decisions.

The chain's demise is not just a tragedy for its employees and loyal patrons, but a grim reality for the economy as a whole. The ripple effect of Bidenomics has caused irreparable damage, leaving a trail of bankrupt businesses and struggling individuals in its wake.

As the saying goes, "when one door closes, another one opens." However, with the future of the economy hanging in the balance, it remains to be seen if there will be any doors left to open. The closure of 90 Red Lobster restaurants is a stark reminder that the repercussions of Bidenomics are far-reaching and must be addressed before it's too late.

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  1. Hang in there Red Lobster, that jackass will be gone in a few months, and you will see drastic improvements in not only the economy, but your total life.

    • Biden is the worst president this country has ever had. He has done nothing for America in his 50 + years in politics. We will be saying good ridens next January when Trump is sworn in

    • Everything in this inflated economy is the work of this fool’s incompetence.
      This is only going to get worse if this corrupt liar remains in office.

    • Inflation, worker shortages, and disposable income caused by Brandon’s reckless overspending and war on fossil fuels. Where have you been for the last three years?

  2. Please hang on until our “REAL” President gets back into the White House (the people’s house) PRESIDENT DONALD J TRUMP!!!! We love our Red Lobster close to us at Southlands Mall in Aurora, Colorado…..I sure hope they are not one of their closing restaurants!!!!!
    🇺🇸👍VOTE TRUMP 2024👍🇺🇸

  3. Government’s have increased minimum wage therefore businesses need to increase their price for products and services. Increase price in products and services results in my pay increase being zero or a negative amount therefore I can’t buy meals at fast food restraints’ or other products and services.

  4. This is a tragedy. I really like Red Lobster even though I haven’t been to one in a long time. This is happening in a to a lot of restaurant chains and independent places or businesses. biden keeps saying the economy is great with “regular people” but, he’s ain’t living in it because he’s out of touch with regular people. He’s a politician and I hate politicians, they are the only people I know that can talk to you for an hour and not say nothin’, especially the “demoncarts. No, I did not spell it wrong because that’s who controls them. Think about this. Why would you be for abortion (murder, that’s what GOD calls it) and you are forcing US the taxpayers to pay for it when we are not for that! If you make all of these “people” pay for their own (murders) it would stop a lot of that. biden is for (“murder”) because he’s trying to appeal to women. It’s really sad that he can’t come up with another platform to run on than that, “the republicans want to take away a woman’s right” and that’s not true. If they had to pay those $4,000 themselves instaed of the taxpayers I guarantee we would not have so many.

  5. Does Biden care? No, his whole administration wants to see businesses lost to economics caused by joe’s policies and new regulations on businesses. I’m a reseller on a online platform only to give me a little extra to save, but now the gross went from 20K down to 900 that we have to claim. more paperwork and 76K new government employees last month for the taxpayers to pay for. That’s what the democrats love, BIG GOVERNMENT to ruin small business.

  6. God will pass judgment on the imposters, the intruders, and the thieves that presently occupy our nation’s Dark House. In November of this year, our Dark House will become a Light House for the world to see as God works through the real president of these United States of America, Donald J. Trump. By God’s mighty hand, our nation will be great again and those with evil intentions will be judged. Hallelujah!


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