Secret Weapon Against Illegal Immigration: Panama’s Potential to Curb the Influx of Undocumented Migrants


The ongoing issue of illegal immigration has been a contentious topic for years, with debates and discussions circling around the best solution. However, a potential solution may lie in an unexpected place – Panama. This Central American country may hold the key to shutting down the invasion of undocumented migrants.

Panama, often overlooked in the discussion of immigration policies, has the potential to be a game-changer. This small but mighty country has geographical and political advantages that could significantly impact the flow of illegal immigration into the United States. With a strategic location that serves as a bridge between North and South America, Panama has the power to alter the course of this pressing issue.

One of the most significant advantages that Panama has in its arsenal is its land border with Colombia. This border serves as a gateway for migrants attempting to make their way into the United States. By strengthening border security and collaborating with other neighboring countries, Panama could effectively stem the flow of undocumented migrants at its source.

Additionally, Panama has shown a proactive approach in addressing illegal immigration within its borders. In 2019, the country passed a law that established tougher penalties for those caught aiding and abetting undocumented migrants. This action demonstrates Panama's commitment to combatting illegal immigration and its willingness to take the necessary measures to do so.

Furthermore, Panama's stable political climate and strong relationship with the United States make it an ideal partner in addressing the issue of illegal immigration. The country has long been a staunch ally of the U.S., and this alliance could prove beneficial in finding a solution to this issue. With mutual cooperation and support, Panama and the U.S. could work together to curb the influx of undocumented migrants.

But Panama's potential extends beyond its geographic and political advantages. The country's booming economy and employment opportunities make it an attractive destination for migrants. By promoting these opportunities and creating a more robust legal immigration system, Panama could provide an alternative path for those seeking a better life, ultimately reducing the need for illegal immigration.

Moreover, Panama's successful handling of the refugee crisis during the 2015-2016 surge of migrants fleeing from Central America is a testament to its capability in managing this issue. The country welcomed and provided temporary shelter to thousands of migrants, demonstrating its ability to handle the influx of people effectively. This experience could prove valuable in developing a comprehensive solution to the issue of illegal immigration.

In conclusion, while the debate on illegal immigration continues, it is essential to consider all possible solutions, including those that may not be immediately apparent. Panama's strategic location, strong political ties, and effective handling of similar issues make it a key player in addressing the problem of undocumented migration. By tapping into its potential, Panama could be the secret weapon that helps shut down the invasion of illegal immigrants.

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  1. Good for Panama. At least someone south of the border has good sense. But now where will we get all those landscapers and vegetable and fruit pickers that Jerry Nadler needs so much and what about Nancy Pelosi and who’s going to pick her grapes. Perhaps Panama can help out Israel since Joe has stabbed them in the back. Watch out Mulino he might come for you if he can’t get more ILLEGAL voters in the democratic party.


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