Biden’s Family Urges Him to Fight On, Blames Debate Disaster on Advisors and CNN


President Joe Biden's recent debate performance has sparked intense criticism and concern within Democratic circles, leading to calls for him to reconsider his 2024 reelection bid. Biden’s family is reportedly urging him to remain in the race, attributing his poor showing to misguided advice from his campaign team and unfavorable moderation by CNN.

The debate, held on June 28, saw Biden struggling with numerous issues, including his handling of the Ukraine conflict and economic policies. Former President Donald Trump capitalized on Biden's missteps, portraying himself as a stronger leader, particularly on foreign policy and economic matters. Biden’s performance was marred by frequent misstatements, coughing fits, and a weak demeanor, which only fueled speculation about his age and fitness for office​.

In the aftermath, various Democratic strategists and media outlets have suggested that Biden’s campaign might be in jeopardy. Prominent voices like Van Jones expressed disappointment, stating that Biden failed to restore confidence among voters, which could necessitate a change at the top of the ticket​​.

Even some of Biden’s allies have begun to question his viability, with discussions about potentially replacing him with a younger candidate gaining traction​.

CNN’s snap poll revealed a stark reality for Biden: 67% of viewers believed Trump won the debate, compared to 33% for Biden​. This significant margin has led to widespread panic within the Democratic Party, with some operatives calling for an open convention to explore other options. The debate performance exacerbated existing doubts about Biden's age and campaign strategy, particularly his focus on the January 6 Capitol riot rather than pressing economic concerns.

Jill Biden’s post-debate remarks have also drawn criticism. She was seen encouraging her husband as if he were a child, which commentators found unsettling and indicative of his frailty​. The President's optimistic self-assessment of his debate performance, despite widespread agreement on his failures, has only intensified concerns about his judgment and awareness​ ​.

Despite these setbacks, some Democratic leaders, including California Governor Gavin Newsom, have urged the party to rally behind Biden, arguing that abandoning him after one poor performance would be detrimental​. However, the pressure on Biden is unlikely to dissipate soon. Many Democrats fear that continuing with Biden as the nominee could jeopardize their chances in the upcoming election, especially given his current standing in battleground states.

The debate fallout underscores a critical juncture for the Democratic Party as they navigate internal divisions and mounting pressure to present a viable candidate capable of defeating Trump. Biden's ability to withstand this internal scrutiny and external criticism will be crucial in the coming months as the campaign intensifies.


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