Secret Service Agent on Kamala Harris’s Detail Removed After Physical Altercation


Washington, D.C., June 4, 2024 — A Secret Service agent assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris's security detail has been removed from duty following a physical altercation with a supervisor. The incident, which took place at Joint Base Andrews, involved the agent allegedly attacking her superior and another agent before being restrained.

The altercation occurred as the Vice President was preparing for a departure. The agent reportedly began displaying erratic behavior and refused to comply with orders to calm down. This led to a confrontation where the agent punched a supervisor and had to be physically subdued by colleagues.

Following the incident, the agent was taken off duty and subjected to a medical assessment. The Secret Service has not disclosed specific details about the agent's history or the exact nature of her erratic behavior, citing privacy concerns. However, sources indicate that there had been prior concerns about the agent's conduct.

The incident has sparked a broader discussion about the Secret Service's hiring and training practices, particularly regarding their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. Some critics argue that these initiatives may have led to the hiring of personnel without adequate vetting or training. A petition circulating within the Secret Service community calls for an investigation into these practices and the removal of Kimberly Cheatle as Secret Service director.

Lawmakers and security experts have expressed concern over the potential implications of the incident for the safety and reliability of the Secret Service. The House Oversight Committee has announced plans to look into the matter, emphasizing the need to ensure that all agents are thoroughly vetted and properly trained to handle the pressures of their roles.

The Secret Service has responded by reiterating its commitment to the safety and professionalism of its agents. "The U.S. Secret Service takes the safety and health of our employees very seriously," a spokesperson said. "As this was a medical matter, we will not disclose any further details".

The removal of the agent has raised questions about the balance between diversifying the workforce and maintaining rigorous standards. This incident highlights the challenges the Secret Service faces in ensuring that all agents are both capable and reliable under pressure.

As investigations continue, the Secret Service and lawmakers will need to address these concerns to restore confidence in the agency's ability to protect high-ranking officials without compromising on standards. The outcome of these inquiries may lead to significant changes in how the agency recruits and trains its personnel.

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