Sorry Lefties, We’re Not Fringy, You Are


As Americans across the country celebrate Independence Day, a new column by Stephen Kruiser on PJ Media takes a sharp look at the current cultural divide in the United States, asserting that the true fringe elements in today's society come from the left, not the right.

Kruiser begins by addressing the common left-wing narrative that conservatives represent a fringe minority. He argues that this portrayal is a deliberate attempt to marginalize and silence conservative voices.

"The mainstream media and academic institutions have long perpetuated this myth," Kruiser writes, suggesting that the reality is quite the opposite.

The article points out that conservative values and principles are more aligned with traditional American ideals than those espoused by the left. Kruiser highlights how the left's push for radical changes, such as the defunding of police and extreme environmental policies, does not resonate with the majority of Americans who value safety, economic stability, and personal freedom.

Kruiser also criticizes the left's tactics in suppressing opposing viewpoints. He cites the increasing censorship on social media platforms, where conservative voices are often silenced or de-platformed under the guise of combating misinformation. This, he argues, is a direct attack on free speech, a core American value enshrined in the First Amendment.

Moreover, Kruiser emphasizes the growing backlash against leftist policies at the local and national levels. He references recent election results where conservative candidates have made significant gains, particularly in school board races across the country. These victories, he suggests, indicate a rejection of left-wing ideology by parents and community members who are fed up with the indoctrination of children in schools​.

Kruiser's column underscores the importance of grassroots movements in challenging the left's dominance in cultural institutions. He praises the efforts of ordinary citizens who are standing up against what he describes as the "woke mob" and fighting to preserve traditional values. This resistance is portrayed as a crucial factor in the ongoing cultural battle in America.

In conclusion, Kruiser argues that it is the left that represents the true fringe in contemporary America. He calls on conservatives to continue their efforts to reclaim cultural and political ground, asserting that the values of hard work, patriotism, and freedom are what truly define the American spirit. As the nation celebrates its independence, Kruiser's message is a rallying cry for conservatives to remain steadfast in their beliefs and to push back against the forces seeking to undermine them​​.


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