Tragic End for Climate Change Activist Brutally Murdered in Brooklyn


Ryan Carson, a 32-year-old activist known for his passionate advocacy for social justice and climate change, was brutally murdered in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. The horrifying event unfolded near a New York City bus stop, with Carson’s girlfriend witnessing it.

Carson, who was deeply committed to sustainability and environmental policies, was waiting at a bus stop with his girlfriend after attending a wedding when an erratic individual approached him.

The suspect reportedly asked Carson, “What are you looking at?” before launching a fatal attack, stabbing Carson multiple times in the chest. Despite being rushed to Kings County Hospital, Carson succumbed to his injuries. The assailant remains at large, leaving a sense of unease in the community.

Known for his work with the New York Public Interest Research Group Fund (NYPIRG) and his creation of the advocacy organization “No OD NY”, Carson’s death has sent shockwaves through the activist community.

His colleagues at NYPIRG described him as a beloved staffer, colleague, and friend, whose engaging personality and intelligence were instrumental in advancing the causes he cared about.

Carson’s tragic demise has sparked an outpouring of grief and tributes on social media platforms. New York Democrat State Assembly Member Emily Gallagher expressed her devastation over the loss of her dear friend, recalling their shared history in the DIY punk scene.

NYC Council Member Sandy Nurse also offered condolences, highlighting Carson’s tireless efforts to protect communities and ecosystems from the climate crisis.

In addition to his activism, Carson was also a published poet, having once penned a poem titled “Anxiety” that hauntingly reflected his fears over his own mortality. His untimely death has underscored the very fears he expressed in his poetry, adding a chilling layer to his legacy.

The brutal murder of Carson is not an isolated incident. In recent times, there has been a disturbing uptick in violent crimes targeting Democrats.

Leftist Philadelphia journalist Josh Kruger, for instance, was shot dead in his home after receiving a mysterious threat. These incidents underscore the urgent need for effective law enforcement and public safety measures.